Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Have I frightened everyone off with my buttocks of steel?
  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    Roughly 3 to 3.5 hrs biked today.  I find that with 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of overshoes, bib tights, base layer, thermal jersey, jacket, winter neoprene gloves and ear warmers I'm just about warm enough.  However, it does take me several hours to get dressed.


    popped into this thread for the first time and read this - brilliant!  Now I know why I didn't sign up for Lanza....  Mouse you are harder core than most.... go girl.

  • May I worship at the temple of the buttocks of steel?  Currently trying to work out layers for tomorrow as it looks like being a bit of a wet cycling day.

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Yeah, I train really hard to be so shite.


    FeFe - I would suggest that today is a public transport sort of training day.  Get the train/bus and do some core work whilst your sat in your seat.

  • M..o.use wrote (see)
    Have I frightened everyone off with my buttocks of steel?

    No - just saving up so I have enough coins to make it worth while!! image

  • If I ask you really nicely you wouldn't just shove an elbow into my bum cheek while you're down there, would you, please?
  • Gosh   image

  • I bet you'd love to do it. If only to see me cry.

    I ran tonight so it's nice and tight again. I've got a massage booked for tomorrow and a nice line up of pain relief medication on hand.
  • I went on the cross trainer ....that may be my long run   image

  • Was Lanza 20 weeks to go yesterday or am I doing bad maths?

  • I hope its 21 weeks - as I've just finished week 9 of my 30 week programme. If you're right and I'm wrong, I'm going to hit my peak a week late...bang goes the sub 10hr!! image

    So hopefully its another week on the beers still image

  • Your probably right, I'll try counting again, lol, makes no odds to me, I can't follow training plans. image

  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    Was Lanza 20 weeks to go yesterday or am I doing bad maths?

    Yes. You are doing bad maths. Wait a week, they maybe good then.

  • I may have inadvertently also signed up for this madness ....

    don't suppose anyone has a link to a video/dvd of the bike course?

    am officially terrified...

  • If you are terrified now .... dont watch the video   image

  • image true true! however knowledge is power.. or something like that...

  • image   Ignorance is bliss an all    image

    F.oggy wrote (see)
    Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    Was Lanza 20 weeks to go yesterday or am I doing bad maths?

    Yes. You are doing bad maths. Wait a week, they maybe good then.

    I like how  bad maths will become good, will repost next Sunday image

  • Agree. Hang on for a bit and then you'll be fine.

    No long ride for me this weekend. Other things to do and organise plus the weather yesterday was astonishingly shite to be trying to ride a bike.

    1hr 45 min run today though with a friend and we were gossiping so much it felt like it was only 10 mins.
  • Oh thats nice when they fly by   image

    (the runs, not the friends)

  • Well. got my results of my latest mri. image

    I am aiming to swim-bike now.

    I'll know at the end of Jan if I can bike or not....(I'll try 4 weeks easy biking and see if my knee agrees or not).

    i'll probably skip the run and go straight to the pub/supporting

    I may walk the marathon......but i am not guaranteeing it.
  • Sounds ike a sandbagger prize is waiting for you based on the Outlaw this year, not the same problem for me but the same aim and when I reached T2 I had a go at the walk/walk strategy and ended up with the title! image

  • If I finish then I will hapilly collect the sandbagger prize image

  • 20 (ish) weeks .. gulp ! .  I desperateltly need to up my game from a training and dieting point of view if i am gonna squeeze out a finish for this one. Cursing my decision to take this new job , but whats done is done and i just need to figure out a way of training around it.  And i guess i cant entirely blame the job for making me a greedy fat bastard , so no excuse not to at least get the diet back on track.

  • It's gonna fly by!  I'm viewing it as a nice holiday in the sun with a fun day out in the middle with a lot of sightseeing image

  • Well just done my first ever sea swim - sea water does not taste as nice as lake water!

    (Don't panic, wasn't the North sea - not that insane - currently avoiding the traditional family xmas arguements by hiding in the Algarve for 2 weeks)
  • Rafi ... dont drink it, swim in it   image

    Swim done before work today, two long bikes planned over the weekend albeit on the mountain bikes and I shall squeze another swim and a gym session in tomorrow

    Time to smack the arse of Christmas and send it on its way  

  • I did shopping and cleared out my garage today.  I think that's worthy of logging as training really.  Shopping in the sales is very obvoiusly an endurance sport.

    I've done more running this week so far.

    Bike planned for tomorrow, and Saturday.

    Wanky shoulder feels ok now so will do some of that soon too.

    Need to get the wall chart out and the Finkeroony for some guidance on the long rides but have mostly been doing 3 to 3.5 hrs so far so I don't think I'm too far off track.

  • I would think that is nicely ahead of schedule Mousey

    I too need to glance at a plan at some stage for the same reason, I think I perhaps ought to consider running at some stage as well

  • Very windy ride this morning.......and nothing to do with sprouts.

    Must be good Lanza training!!

  • Oh dear, only 20 weeks till race day.

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