Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • I p20'd up last year and then got the helpers to smother on the sun screen and all was good. no burning at all.

    Im gonna be out ther a lot longer this year tho.........
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    the mirador del rio.... all down from there! (mostly)image

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     half way up fire mountain.
    I think I am about 300 m back on the left......  image

  • That road surface looks fabulously smooth!

  • I shall remain in denial for a while longer   image

  • O.rangeCannon - 7 hr marathons are cool..... wrote (see)

     half way up fire mountain.
    I think I am about 300 m back on the left......  image

    In the car??

  • Don't forget the White Horse Challenge opens today which is perfectly timed for this race with a run off the back.  It will probably fill in a day.

  • Are we having a Lanza group outing for the White Horse Challenge then?? (although perhaps not in bikinis image)

  • Well I know of at least three of us who are doing it.
  • Cool - I'm in image

  • O.rangeCannon - 7 hr marathons are cool..... wrote (see)

     half way up fire mountain.
    I think I am about 300 m back on the left......  image

    I'm about 10 miles back on the right image

    Road surfaces are mostly lovely, one stretch of a couple of miles about 80 miles in is horrendous, bounced bars end out of my handlebars last year, the rest of the course rolls good.

  • Raf - happy to ride with you if we're a similar pace (I suspect moot point as I'm very slow) but prefer not too many stops etc ie quick pee at feed station, flapjack and off.

    Would prefer it if you didn't wear your skirt. image

    Holgs - any other pearls of wisdom for us at this stage?
  • Hmm, tempted by the White Horse Challenge ...

  • I shall be entering a bit later I think

    No reason not to at the mo!!
  • Meldy/Pingu - it sells out within days. If you want to do it, I'd enter now. I left it a few days last year and missed the boat.
  • Not ideal to see someone drowned at PdC this weekend, he did ignore red flags it seems.

    In other news I ran 2 miles today image

  • I'll do it tonight Miss

    Symes as long as you can swim that far and a bit more you'll be ok

    I did hill reps on the bike, 'motivated through fear' my new catchphrase

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    , 'motivated through fear' my new catchphrase

    You are not alone!!

  • Mouse

    I wrote a v detailed race report last year......

    what else do you want to know?

    I have garmin tcx files if you really want them too....

    Holgs is even more detailed (in his latest book, available at a very cheap price in a kindle edition image )
  • M..o.use wrote (see)
    Meldy/Pingu - it sells out within days. If you want to do it, I'd enter now. I left it a few days last year and missed the boat.

    I have ahem, entered the White Horse.

  • Me too   image

  • Yay.

    OC - I was merely engaging Holgs in dialogue.  Forgive me.

  • Ride up as many hills as you can between now and May. The climbs are long but I did them all seated, they aren't Lake District passes. Find a rythym and spin.

    It'll be very hot - get your nutrition spot on.

    Try and get there a few days before hand ( I was there Monday ) to get used to the climate. Attend the free early morning swims to get used to the very salty water.

    The first loop of the run seems to go on for ever past the airport, if a plane comes into land brace yourself as it'll only be a few meters overhead.

    There are no major hills on the run, but it certainly isn't flat with a few steep rises to break up the rythym of tired legs.

    Try and run on the white concrete on the prom as it won't be as hot as the black tarmac of the road.

    There is NO shade on the bike or the run.

    It's a very technical course, make sure your bike is serviced and the brakes are working. For those interested I rode a triple with an 11-25. It can be done on a tri bike with a double - I went for the "save me knees option"

    A lot of people say that once you are over Mirador it's all down hill, they fib - you still have almost a 1000ft of climbing to do.

    There is quite a strong current on the swim leg closest to the shore, be careful of drifting to close to shore and losing position.

    Look out for the jellyfish.

    The first part of the bike through PdC is flat, don't overcook it because as soon as you get out of town you'll start climbing.

    Try and drive the bike course to get a feel for it. The descent to El Golfo is just pure speed if the wind is with you, unfortunately if that's the case the climb back will not be pleasant.

    As you descend towards La Santa you'll get some serious speed, as you pass the first buildings in the village watch out for the speed bumps. Saw plenty of bottles, tubes, tyres etc...

    The famous hairpin descent off Haria isn't as bad on a bike as it is in the car....if you treat it with respect, speed on the straights and start to break early into the very tight bends with cliff face falls.

    Just as you go over the top of Mirador the road surface is awful, that road will be closed try and stay in the centre to get the smoothest tarmac.

    If the winds get up don't fight them, relax and just pedal.

    If you are slow like me be prepared to do 2 hour climbs.

    And most of all ENJOY it's a truely magical race unlike any other, and with a pirate atmosphere I'm sure you'll all love it.


  • Oh Lordy!!


  • Please don't be scared not my intention - just wanted to point out a few things.

    SERIOUSLY - If I can complete this course with over an hour to spare ANYONE can.

  • I'm going to carry on focusing on the tan ..... image

  • if history is anything to go by im going to fry.. anyone wear long white sleeves or those sun caps with fabric hanging down behind them to protect your shoulder + neck before? do they work? (i *really* fry).

  • New Shoes ... I think Ant does, and I have certainly seen others with them so they must work

    2 hour climbs Holgs??  In one go??

    I managed Nice when I was less fit so I am not *too* concerned a few years down the line, I shall not be that quick on the descents tho   image

  • Almost Meldy - remember though I'm a really crap hill climber.

    I began the climb of Haria at 3 hrs 43 minutes and I completed it 5 hrs and 25 minutes, this took me from 95ft to 1931 feet.

    You then get a 1000ft drop in 10 minutes before the Mirador climb which took me 45 minutes.

    Everyone says after Mirador it's downhill, well I disagree. Granted I dropped 1400ft in 16 minutes but then it was an 1100ft climb that took me 1 hr 40 minutes.

    It's all good fun though.

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