Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



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     Taken from my Garmin

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     And this one gives an indication of the time I spent on each climb. My goal was to complete the course, people like OC have proved that it can be done much MUCH quicker.

  • That little down flat at mile 75 looks fun image

  • That's pure bliss Rafiki,

  • I agree with Holgs - the last time I did Lanza, the hills are tough but more long than steep.  The big issue for me was the heat and wind - I chickened out coming downhill with the wind.  Great race though and I'm going just to really enjoy it and get a tan!

    Had a good weekends training with the weather being ok - did a 3 hour bike into a 40 minute run on Saturday, then just over 5 hours on Sunday, not hilly or quick, but it was good to get the distance in.

    Got South Africa Ironman first so hopefully that will be hot and windy too ... image

  • Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    I have ahem, entered the White Horse.

    As a man image

  • White Horse Challenge is now sold out image

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    I have ahem, entered the White Horse.

    As a man image

    Is there any other way?? image

  • Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    Iron Pingu wrote (see)

    I have ahem, entered the White Horse.

    As a man image



  • Anyone got their eye on an early half distance to do pre this?  Bit early in the season, can't say I'd be jumping at the opportunity of an open water swim in April, brrrr, but probably worth doing.

  • I printed out the bike course/profile lastnight, stapled it to a 19 week calendar countdown, and put it on my desk. That and doing a "long run" of 4.5k after 4months injury have given me some serious fear and motivation.

  • Pingu,

    I know it's not open water and it's not really a proper tri but I've got my eye on this.  Marshman this year is not until 4/5 May which looks a little too close to the B of Bang.  

  • Yes, had seen that one, shame it's over 2 days, but could be a potential option. 

    I think if I do decide to leave it to May I'll do SA DIY one, and just take it easy round the course.

  • Reckon my first OW swim of 2013 will be on May 18 image

  • image Yeah, I reckon so to!

  • I might do one on 15th as practice ????
  • instead of a half in April, (probably have to go abroad - non in the uk), how about a nice friendly 6 day tri training camp in Lanza, in mid March.


    Run by, (aka jo carrit and steven lord).  £600 all in, (except for your flights, lunches (ie ice cream) and beer money. 
    It was so good last year I am going back, even though I am broken.

    There were faster people than me
    There were people way slower, (I think they did Lanza in 14 and a half hours).

    Its bike centric, with about 20 hrs biking, 3 hrs running and 3 hours swimming over 6 days.  oh and its based in PdC so you swim on the course, bike the route, and run part of the route as well, as well as being able to check out route 66 as well, (a big bar by the finish)image


  • Was there a list of centry bike rides pre May 18th listed on here before? As I need to get out and do some cycling at some point.

  • Tractor Boy - 2013 Sportive List

    Don't think its complete - Schmunk's is slacking! Anyone would think she was busy sending kit out to 60 odd Pirates!! (and some of them are very odd) image

  • Hello all, after a very hard end of 2012, pretty much Mayan-Gangnam style I am back in business. Looking forward to this although I am 2 months late on everything, including booking my flight lol.

  • Hokori - get in touch with Jedward, he has a couple of flight places to sell, even with the admin charge its a better deal that you will get at the moment

  • Thanks a lot Meldy I will definitely have a chat with him then!

  • Send him a mail through here ... I'll link his name later if you have probs
  • Thanks a lot for your efforts Melds. I am based in London unfortunately and just realised I did have the accomodation already booked for a different timeframe so it is was really a long shot to make it match image

  • what date you planning to travel out Hokori ?

  • I have already booked accomodation between the 16th and the 24th or 25th! I did it so long ago I had forgotten that at least that was done. I should be getting there on the 16th then, not much time to acclimate though ...

    EDIT: Yes, I fished my confirmation emails and yes, we are expected on the 16th itself.

  • Its worth looking at .. extend the accomm to fit the flights perhaps?  The flights are just so expensive at the mo

    Now where were we ... training, oh yes .. I remember  image

  • Oh yes !! Training. Go freeze your bits off over the usefull is that for Lanza.....whos idea was this?


  • How about a pre or post ride turbo to get the volume in? i find my feet freeze after 2 hrs.

    Or how about an mtb ride instead. i find i stay warmer as there is much less wind chill....
  • Turbo, ha ha ha! gave mine away, rather wrap up and get out there image

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