Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Just finished....about to update my score  image

  • seren nos wrote (see) will never get back on top of me if you don't keep on pedalling

    You need to drop your chips first, Love image

  • know what it takes for a valley girl to drop her chips............not sure Rafiki has what it takesimage

  • Cheap german wine?

  • I'm nearly at the end of an excellent piersporter image

  • Only a couple of those words go together  !!

  • I'm sorry, whenever I see Raf post, I just think of him in his skirt. Can't shake the image...
  • image I presume you mean that in a nice way!! image

  • Of course! Was there any other way?
  • I think he should wear it at Lanza ... might excuse him the swim bit

  • image if ony it would!! But if you're lucky I pack it for the after party image

  • now i have to find a way to get to lanza image

  • I know someone who is selling some flights  Seren  image

  • Holy cow Raf, you'll look lovely but you'll melt in that wool.image
  • If I may go off at a tangent and discuss Lanza for a moment.....image

    OC - I noticed on another thread you were discussing 40mm deep rims for  Lanza. You think  something that deep would be ok for Lanza?

  • Watched a bit of '12 Lanza on Sky tonight and there were a lot of deeper than that at the back with 40s or 50s or tri spokes on the front. Were a few discs too.

  • That's good  to know Symes... just looking for an excuse to buy new wheels image

  • Hmmm

    Last year was not so windy. i had 30 ish rims on (ie my normal wheels) and had no issues.

    I now have a set of 60/80 wheels....and i am not sure whether to use them.

    If its a massively windy day i might be a bit unhappy.

    I was going to take some advice..... if i can fit both wheels in my bike bag/ the missues then ill take both and decide the day before.....

    If i am taking them then ill practise a lot with them first in windy conditons.

    If i could have found 40s then i would use them.
  • Take the 60/80s with a hacksaw and sandpaper in your bag instead of the second set of wheels? image 

  • How's everyone training going/suffering(?) with the weather???

  • The swimming and running are going ok but I'm in desperate need of some long bikes outside - the turbo is driving me mad at the minute.  We had heavy snow in Wigan so not been able to go out on the bike.

    I've got the South Africa Ironman first so hoping for some better weather soon - 100 miles on the turbo doesn't sound too appealing.


  • 100 miles on turbo? *shudders*.  Whend IM SA?

  • April 14th so only around 11 weeks now.  I've got one of those watt bikes and have put in 100 miles as one of my "custom" sessions but only every done it once! The watt bike is great especially as I've set it up in the kitchen where I can watch the tele and listen to music at the same time - no other half so not banished to the garage.

  • Mine's in the lounge, could never do a long session out in the garage!

  • I'm with you on that image

  • One of the Personal Trainers at my gym did 100km on a treadmill at Christmas for charity. Took him 11 and half hours - he said his legs were fine, but his brain went after 4 hours!!

    I've only missed a couple of long rides - and the roads here are ok so hopefully get out for a few hours tomorrow (the joys of being my own boss) as 2 hours is my limit on a turbo!!image

  • The roads are fine?? Where are you, Lanza already?!

  • Definitely not Wigan image

  • The ROYAL County of Berkshire my dear!! We's dam posh down here!!

    When I say ok - they're still wet and greasy, but not icy, well not all lof them. Just improves your bike handling skills image 

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