Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • if your roads are fine Rafiki I'm catching a train to stay for a few days  as i am going stir crazy doing the cycing on the turboimage

  • Main roads here are fine, not so sure about the lanes but then again I am out on my mountain bike at the moment for the longer (and shorter) rides

  • Any excuse Seren.

    I had to turbo on Saturday which means I did 2.5hrs instead of the 3.5/4 hrs I would have done on the road.

    I didn't swim on Sunday (logistics of the session and getting to the pool) but I did run for 2 hrs.

    So my bike was a bit light and I've missed a swim.  Allegedly we're due another dumping.  I get a bit frustrated with the turbos and the logistics of trying to get to the pool if the roads are frozen and I can't get my car out of my street (live on a side road/hill).  I walked home from swimming today but I don't really have the time to walk to and from the pool.

  • 'It is what it is' as a wise man once said, a thaw is expected this weekend and then we will be back to near normal having missed all but a week, fret not and it will all come together again image

    Soon be spring image

  • I'm not worried, Pingu asked for a progress report.

    Spin tonight.


  • The nights are drawing out already so I know spring is coming. Soon there will be crocuses and daffodils, and lambs gambolling in fields. image
  • Hahahaha, I read that as crocodiles and daffodils!! 

    Twas nearly light at 5pm today!

  • Progress report.

    No long bikes since October

    But i have some mojo again as i have booked up a few additional summer events - bike london to paris in 3 days arriving the same day as the end of the tour. yip yip

    Also considering newcastle to london bike ride in 24 hrs.....

    Managed 1 swim last week and 3 bike commutes and a couple of short turbos

    This week 3 swims 4 bike commutes and maybe a long ride.

    Just trying to slowly build bike volume and confidence again.

    Symes. i might need wet and dry paper for the wheels..? What do you recon...
  • Is that the Sky bike ride OC?  Friend did it last year and thought it was brilliant.

  • Progress

    Swimming is awesome
    Biking is cold
    Running is getting there

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    One thing that has crossed my mind is that it would be fun for a good bunch of us to meet up for a Lanza traning ride, perhaps some time late March?

    Was anything agreed on this? I was going to ask about the same thing. I am going to go to Lanza anyway March end so please post here or PM as desired.

  • OC - I'd think 600 grit should do the job


    Swimming - not since November but I did 2km that time
    Biking - 100 mile a week in commutes, longest ride otherwise 40
    Running - bits n pieces

    Currently life or rather work is winning the battle for my time, not happy! 


  • Progress ,,, mmm

    Not as much as I would have liked in terms of extension but currently catching up fast on weekly volume but fading in strength as fast due to adductor cramping.

    No winter rides for me since I crashed in 2011. Same as Rafi however, 2h is pretty much my limit so I have to double book my cycling or just keep it almost daily. My plan has a 6days a week bike cycle 2 weeks from now anyway. My legs are killing me so adaptations seem to be working fine.

    Off to swim now at lunchtime and tonight I will do a short warmup overgear turbo and a 6 mile run.

  • wrote (see)
    Currently life or rather work is winning the battle for my time, not happy! 


    That was almost the whole of 2012 for me. Not happy indeed. Hope you get some rhythm back soon for your sanity.

  • Progress.......I've bought lots of shiny new things.....does that count image

  • No.

    Do some training. 

  • Doh! image

  • Don't believe him Mouse.... He's a bit sandbagger...he is training loads....he had 7 pints last night in preperation for the post race party........

  • image that's my kind of training image

  • I forget, has he done this before or is he a virgin?

  • That's rather personal!! But this will be my first IM if that's what you meant image

  • I think he has done an after race party before image

  • imageimage

  • I heard he was an old pro ...

  • If anyone would know...

  • Less of the old thank you!! image

  • SyMes .. dont you have a puncture to fix or something??

  • Yes m'am, sorry image

  • As you were

  • thinking of pirate t-shirts.....
    do we need a common theme / text on them...
    or is that just plain sad?

    Something like

    • 'extravalanza!!'
    • pirate european tour 2013
    • i am a crap triathlete
    • my girlfriend went to kona and all I got was this crappy t-shirt
    • any other far more witty suggestions welcome

    or just say its a bad idea.... I understand image


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