Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Iron Tractor Boy wrote (see)

    What about "Piratasen el tour" according to google translate is pirates on tour?

    I am spanish so I can help with wording as "tour" remains a NON spanish word.

  • That multiple quotation post was fun. WTF. Apologies.

  • Posibilities:

    1. "Piratas de Paseo" would translate as "Pirates on a Stroll"
    2. "Carrera de Piratas" would translate as "Pirate Race"
    3. "Piratas de Gira" would be a more accurate translation for "Pirates on Tour"

    Please let me know if I can help with this!

  • Cheers Hokori ... a stroll is quite apt !!

  • My pleasure Meldy. Whatever we decide I will wear proudly!

  • I wouldn't be quite so hasty .. have you met any of us?   image

  • Watch it you. He's met me.



  • I rest my case   image

  • fur cough


  • Now *thats* a quote that needs to go on a t.shirt

    I wonder which wit comes up with all these?    image

    I said WIT

  • /members/images/450712/Gallery/Lanza5_0.JPG


  • I like the "ExtravaLanza" but fear the strappy top may expose my moobs.

  • You should worry... image

  • Any sign of thawing anywhere? I could do with a bike tomorrow.

  • All thawed in the Bristol area. Long bike completed today without issue. I know Seren is still struggling in S Wales though so Pingu may not be having much luck either.
  • Lovely here this morning - headed out for a 60 miler under blue skies!! Got a puncture at around 40 miles, fixed, slotted wheel back in and stripped thread on QR (Trek design fault!!) so had a five mile walk in cleats to Henley cycles to get another before I could continue!! But still better than a turbo!!

  • Anyone who fancied biking round North Warks would be fine, I didn't fancy biking and was fine too image

  • Still all snow and ice here, need an overnight thaw.


  • Mouse, it alright in the afternoon.  Wanted to head out at 10 but there was a lot of black ice around so I went out at 12 and it was lovely, stuck to well used roads though rather than the minor roads.  Did 57 miles with a 2 mile run afterwards and even managed to clean the bike afterwards which is a major achievement!!


  • When you all decide what tee we need to get, could someone please let me know?
    My tuppence-worth is that I prefer it without the extra wordiness...

  • Couple of hours on the mtb for me, up and over Ivinghoe Beacon and in to Ashridge, glad I had a few layers on it was well chilly on the tops !

  • 54 mile steady ride in just over 3 hours.... first long ride for 4 months so its nice to be back.
    3.5 or maybe a 4 hour ride next weekend!image

  • Unblieveable change fom yesterday. Icy roads replaced by flooded roads.

    Serously wet feet............I cant help but think how usefull is this winter training going to be in Lanza!!!

  • Sorry to poke my nose in, but why not just agree what wording has to be used and then let people style their Tees as they wish.

    Personally I don't like the large logo and so would prefer to style mine with a small one but I am more than happy to have agreed wording

    The Pirates have always welcomed individuality and so I don't think this should turn into a uniform but needs some sort of conformatory element

    And my opinion is that this has always been known simply and affectionately as ExtravaLanza and it would be a shame to lose that
  • Oh, just read that back. I didn't mean it to sound bossy image
  • image why don't we decide in the normal Pirate fashion - we can all put our point of view across, discuss amongst ourselves, reach a consensus ...... then M..eldy will tell us what we're doing image

  • Sounds good to me image
  • 16 weeks... the fear has surfaced. butterflies in tummy (or it could just be a dodgy pint).

    super windy on the bike today, a tree fell onto the road just as we passed it. if things had ended differently id be calling it the dream crusher image

  • M..o.use wrote (see)

    Watch it you. He's met me.



    And what a momentous occasion that was with me shouting MOUSE MOUSE!

  • If I have had the same energy on the bike I would have melted the ice that crushed my soul on race day image

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