Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • 13 weeks tomorrow! image

  • Oh fudge!!!

  • Fudge!  Where!?  Nom nom nom image

  • The things you lot will do for a bit of sun! 

    Looks like it's all going well guys image

  • Can't we say 3 months - sounds longer image

    Ordered  a new rear cassette today - with some extra big cogs for those little up-flats i've heard rumours of!!

  • I went out to ride 4hrs this morning and accidentally did 4hrs 45. That's a true ride time too as it was auto pausing. Feck me, am knackered now though.
  • It was certainly better cycling weather today than what we have been used to for last few months.

  • Yay - first proper big ride today.image

  • need to get training.....I'm on top of you again image

  • I have booked a 4hr weather window on tuesday, if anyone wants to keep me company just shout !

  • M..o.use wrote (see)
    I went out to ride 4hrs this morning and accidentally did 4hrs 45. That's a true ride time too as it was auto pausing. Feck me, am knackered now though.

    Training must be going well to do an accidental extra 45 mins image

  • image either that or there was a slight case of 'navigational error' going on image

  • I think it was a case of over estimating capabilities.


  • I have a nice little trip to the north of the island next week, at least I should be able to get some good cycling training in being a fair weather cyclist.

  • Well I discovered yesterday whilst out of the bike, that if I leave my gym, cycle to Henley, do one of lap of the Challenge course then cycle  home it's exactly 56 miles! And I know if I do  the local HM course from my house (missing a little bit in the middle) it's 13.1 miles. So after a quick word with the gym, that's my HIM sorted. 1900m in the pool, T1 is the manager's office, loop of Henley, T2 my place, then the local HM course! Sorted! image

    Now, feed stations.....mmmmm.....??

  • You need to get out more   image

  • I was looking at the T shirts on Spreadshirt page earlier and I've gone off the strappy T shirts because they look really short in length so I now prefer the wife beater T shirts ... but I can't figure out how to get the writing on the back .... Raf .. as the expert... any ideas ... ???

  • Oops, and I meant to say .. 12 weeks yesterday ... image

  • image can you send me the link to the shirt you want Pingu?

  • Pingu I can but will have to wait until I am home on the pooter, there should be a front/back view and a text box from memory?

    12 weeks you say??    I shall remian in denial   image

  • and actually the strappy ones aren't that short, I brought one and I am happy with it

  • So are we sorting out our on spreadshirt stuff? Have we decided on wording or are we going to design our own?

    I ask on behalf of the Ginger Pikey One image (and because I know it will come down to me to sort image)

  • /members/images/297947/Gallery/tank.jpg

    Was thinking these ones, but if the strappys arent too short, I may change my mind!





  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    12 weeks you say??    I shall remian in denial   image

    I think I'm just really excited about a week in the sun .. imagine finishing a bike ride without numb feet!!

  • I have the strappy one and its fine Pingu ... that one is nice as well but think of the tan lines   image

    Schmunks, no decision as yet
    I favour


    With 'PSOF' on the front under the Skull and Crossbones

  • How recently did you buy your strappy t-shirt Melds?  I've got one circa 2009 and it's a) short and b) tiny.  I'm not taking the piss either, it's an XL and I'm not an XL anymore and it fits where it touches.  I also had a regular t-shirt circa 2009 which wasn't too massive either.  However, when I bought a new t-shirt last year and ordered an XL accordingly because I thought their stuff came up small, this one is massive and we'd all get in it.  I'm wondering if they've changed their sizing/supplier.

    I forget where we got to with the t-shirt ideas.  I won't have anything on the front of mine.  I think I favour Pingu's idea of:

    ExtravaLanza '13

    but I'm sensing that, in traditional pirate style, we ain't going to get agreement on this.


  • And I've tried both of the tops you like (there's two versions, side by side), Pingu, and I can't get either of them to edit to change the text.  One of them suggests you can, but I can't get it to.

  • image lol, glad it's not just me!

  • I'm not sure when but prob when Hollywood set it up so 2007/8 perhaps?  Dont forget sweetie that mine doesnt ahve the bazookas to cover that some do    image

  • Why dont we suggest to include 'ExtravaLanza 2013' and the rest is up to you?  Then at least we get a common denominator

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