Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Does anyone know ... probably OC ... (and I'm sure this info is on here somewhere but haven't the time (can't be bothered) to rummage!)

    The bike route ... what are the descents like.  Are they long sweeping descents or are they the bum clenching ones where I'd probably be happier getting off and pushing my bike down!

    I don't mind whooshing down hills as long as the road surface is good and you can see a fair way ahead.  Some of the lovely Welsh mountain descents scare the crap out of me. 

  • I think they are bottom clenching image
  • they are lovely and gentle, with marshmallows at every bend in case you do fall off image

  • Bottom clenching with marshmallows it is...

  • I am liking the sound of that   image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Re apartments, they sent me an e-mail too, so you should get one Pingu. 

    I am imagining you both riding down the hills with marshmallows between your bottom cheeks.


  • you're a sick women Mouse!! image

  • Yup, got an email to cheers, though forgot to pay today, doh...

    As to the marshmallows and bum cheeks, what a lovely way to keep your arse warm image
  • Not sure if there is any other conversation on any other tri-based forum that would suggest marshmallows between bottom cheeks image

    Although on slowtwitch they'd probably debate whether the pink or white ones were heaviest, obviously pink

  • Cupcake, what is this slowtwitch you speak of?


  • Ahaaaa ... but which ones are the quickest??

    Who is going to be daft enough to venture outside for the long bike tomorrow then ???

  • Planning a long in, whether it happens or not is a different matter...
  • Erm, that was supposed to say long one ...
  • yep..planning 80 miler, and as its likely to be raining, I shall be using pink marshmallows image

  • I shall use pink AND white then!
  • Looking pretty inviting out there today, non stop rain but tropically warm at 7C, better suck it up and get out there I suppose image


    Edit: bailed after 60-ish, nothing in quads at all, try again tomorrow, but not for that far!

  • 5.5hrs in the bank

    Boy that was that hard work

  • Erm....responsibility for sorting this trip was left in the hands of someone else and now I am worrying cos you lot is talking about final payments for instalments and he is not currently in the country. Should I be booting someone up the arse in case we end up sleeping on the beach :/
  • In a word, yes!

  • Might be an idea, or phone the company and see what the score is:


    Ocean Club Holidays

    (+44)  (0)1798 875703

  • Rafi .. did you get your bike done?

  • Cheers, Raf. A boot will be making contact with a posterior shortly
  • No payment requests here either, tentastic! image

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Rafi .. did you get your bike done?

    I decided the gym looked a lot more inviting this morning! image

  • You big girl !!!

    The weather will be worse tomorrow   image

  • Training gods continue to conspire against me ... Long ride out planned for tomorrow with Hokori now aborted and In charge of kids tomorrow instead. Looks like another mind numbing turbo beckons .
  • Anyone know how much trouble it's going to be to get a taxi from the airport to puerto del carmen with a bike box? (no idea whether this is something that i need to organize, or if there will just be taxis of all sizes there that i can squash the box into)

  • with close on 2000 people doing this and with the event being in its 22nd year I'd say they'll be ready for us, they were in Austria, France and Switzerland

  • I am almost glad I went out on the bike yesterday .... It's disgusting out there today!
  • I managed 3 hours this morning before I finally quit - it got to the point where I couldn't see the Garmin on the bars, so I reckoned the chance of cars seeing me was slim!! So it'll be watching F1 on the turbo this afternoon!!

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