Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Oh.

    let me know when I can bounce then  image
  • So just how stupid would it be to do Lanza as my first IM?? image
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    They are all hard.  Plenty of people do hard ones as their first effort.  You just have to train accordingly.

  • M..ouse wrote (see)

    They are all hard.  Plenty of people do hard ones as their first effort.  You just have to train accordingly.

    ...... harder  image
  • RafiKiD

    i did lanza as my 1st ironman race its only stupid if your normal,

     but being a triathlete you must be mad like the rest of us image

  • Well I'm a marathoner (or I was until recently finding myself here), so perhaps not as mad as the rest of you image but certainly getting there.....

    But I found myself on the 'dark side' as a result of a drunken bet, which ended with the words "honestly, just hard can it be...". I'm sure we've all be there! So, here I am,  losing my Tri cherry on the 19th - the day Lanza opens...coincidence??

    I was planning to gain my Pirate badge of honour at the Outlaw next year, but M...eldy keeps telling me to MTFU and come and play in Lanza!

    So can I add my colours to the mast and join you for ExtrvaLanza ???

  • You've gone and done it now !!

    ohhhhhhhhhhh dear  image
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I've found a list, Rafi, please feel free to add your name to it, should you so wish.

    Operation Extravalanza 2013

    Iron Tractor Boy
    Waffy McWaffington
    Meldy McMuffin
    new shoes
  • Yep, I've gone and down it now!! Adding myself to the list....

    Iron Tractor Boy
    Waffy McWaffington
    Meldy McMuffin
    new shoes


    Sneaks off to explain the bad news to the bank account!!!

  • Mouse, I dont see youre name on the list image
  • There are a few 'interested parties' who need to come out of the closet !!!
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    Mouse, I dont see youre name on the list image



  • I'll be there in 2013 having been AWOL this year image
  • I'm staying in closet!!! (for now)

    Lanza is my dad's 70th birthday, so I either need a major lottery win to pay for him and mom to come and support OR I gotta find another event...

    I need to work out potential cost of adventure image anyone got a view on where pirate accommodation might be for ExtravaLanza? Flights? EasyJet?

  • Flights - I am using monarch this year.
    Flights were about 250 a person, including tax, baggage, bike, and inflight mealimage
    I started with a £50 flight but it soon all builds up

    I stayed down in PdC on a training camp earlier this year and it's not so bad.
    (Apartamentos Arena Dorada) and it was basic but fine, and gets cheaper of you share...And located just off the course
    Ie if you decide on a hotel thats basic then you should be able to Do it reasonably cheaply
  • This year - flying out with Monarch and back with Thomas Cook into Manchester. Yep roughly £200 for me, the bike, luggage etc..( although I used up my airmiles so the actual outlay was about £50 for the bike )

    Staying at the Oasis Appts in PdC, one bedroom apartment for 6 nights, £120.

    It's actually costing me more to go to The Outlaw in Nottingham.

  • Thx guys, food for thought then!! Is start at PDC?
  • Yep .....  image
  • when is it best to book flights / place to stay for lanza 2013?

    will there be a PSOF club hotel to try book into ?

  • There wont be a shortage of accomodation in PDC (which is where im assuming we're staying).

    I guess its best to get the entries in and book flights & accom shortly afterwards.
  • Hello again

    Rafikid - sorry if I spelt your name wrong but attention to detail isn't my strong point image - it will also be my first ironman so hope we can lose our virginity together. So to speak. And yes it's probably a bit wild and reckless making lanza our first but isn't that the fun bit!? I like whoever said we have to train harder!

    So in terms of coming out of the closet, not told Significant Other but have told my mother. So she's coming along with a massive basketful of muffins to see her daughter celebrate her birthday by soiling herself...

    But most importantly I do realise that I've got to come up with a much less serious forum name if I am going to get into this properly [puts thinking cap on]
  • Hi Rowena - thats a very kind offer image 

    But I'm glad there will be another IM newbie there, so I won't look quite so stupid. And I think Lanza is a good sensible move, mainly because I hate riding in the rain!!

    But down to more important matters - these muffins....what flavours are we talking, and just haow massive is this basket image

  • Raf

    Buy a bike
    Go ride it
    Then rode some more
    Find some long hills. (you know, a hill that lasts 20k)
    Oh then whenever it's windy , get out and ride- only if you head into the wind for 4 hrs

    In the mean time enjoy the summer, join a tri club, join their long ride each week and get strong
  • Cheers OC

    Ahead of you on a couple of those, got a road bike and TT. Covering about 120 miles a week at the mo just for fun - any excuse to ride the TT!!

    Just need to fond some decent hills round here to practice...Meldy any suggestions??

  • You want to try the likes of the old A40 up to Stokenchurch.. that goes on a bit and around by Aston Rowant and that neck of the woods
    Barlos and I found the hill out up to Remenham went on for fecking ages
    Reps of Bison Hill out my way will see you good as well

  • Head NE towards the Chilterns, or ride South to Pompey.

    The drag from Henley to Wallingford has a long incline - not steep, just depressing. Also the other (non Henley) side of Remenham hill is steep ish.

    Or just beast yourself on laps of Dell road in Finch, whilst I sit in the greyhound drinking beer.

  • Cheers for that guys - I do the Henley - Wallingford route twice a week when I do the cycle commute to work but new routes always welcome - especially if they end in a beer stop!! image
  • You lot are a bad influence & have got me thinking about this - but given last year's season was wrecked with a knee injury, this year from my crash I'm almost too scared to book anything for next year as we all know things happen in 3's!

    But just cause I am vaguely sort of stupidly considering it (image), what sort of overall cost do we think we're talking about with flights, accom, race entry, food etc?

    Rafiki - when I'm back out on the bike you'll have to come visit the home of the hills o'er here in Surrey image

  • vaguely! only vaguely!!! clearly our spells arent working properly.

    Costs (assuming youve got all the kit and not including consumables, gels, training events etc).

    Flights err no idea? maybe £200
    Accomodation?  err no idea really either £200?
    Race Entry? About £350
    Spending money? maybe £200.

    I think about £1000 would be a rough estimate. 

  • You seemed to have missed post race beer money off that list Barlo!! image

    And Shas, you know you want to, so stop mucking around and get your name on the list!!

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