Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • I agree 120% with OC. I will bring the Jet4 set but will try to sneak in a Cosmic Elite SL (little bit of depth) just in case it is THAT windy. I am definitely not packing my 6/9 set image

    I will miss the sound they make though (pretty much the only reason I have them at my skill level ...)

  • Well i've taken you advice and just been to the LSB and order a bling(ish) compact - certainly an upgrade from the double thats on at the moment. Booked her in for a full service too - means it must be getting close!! image

  • I reckon I need a service and a Bike fit again ...

  • Having googled I am geting various responses

    Lanzarote - currency = Euro but is it covered by the EHIC card?  The answer will have a bearing on my insurance cover image

  • Its part of Spain, therefore in the EU:

    The Canaries are part of the outermost regions (OMR) which are eight regions of EU member states which are part of the EU. According to the EC Treaty, European Union law applies to these territories


    So I would have thought the EHIC card is valid??

  • Yes me too ... you can never be too sure these days!

    I like worrying about things like airport parking and insurance and such like, it stops me worrying about trivisl things like the swim and the bike course    image

  • most normal travel insurance won't cover you for extreme sports thougfh will it........

    so if you fall of the bike in the rcae and are badly hurt......your normal insurance wouldn't cover repratriation back to britain.......

     you would only have your EHIC cover for the basic medical bills......

    the travel insurance wouldn't pay for any delays and missed flights due to injury from the rcae.......

    so if you are going to fall off the bike do it before the race not during the race

  • The way I'll be racing is unlikely to be classed as 'extreme sports' more like gentle bimble image

  • seren nos wrote (see)

    so if you fall of the bike in the rcae and are badly hurt......your normal insurance wouldn't cover repratriation back to britain.......


    Not sure if the BTA covers you, never really checked TBH

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Raf - did you get the file from Pingu or do you need me to send it to you?

    I've never bothered with insurance before (just had the free one I get with the the bank) but think I've been chancing my luck for too long and will take proper insurance this time.
  • Mouse - I havent got the file yet - was going to wait until RW towers sort out PM, but if not I'll see you in a couple of weeks and we could sort it out then???

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    I've heard very good things about Dog Tag for sporting based insurance. Looks to be about ??40 for a single trip or just over ??100 for the year. I'm just going to skim back as I think Barlos mentioned insurance.
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    Xpost. I've just messaged you my email address without issue.
  • BTA insurance doesn't cover you for any of it......i think they give you £25 a night in hopsital and a lump sum if you die or lose a limb..........and there is a £250 excess and they state that you should take out sepertae insurance if racing or training abroad

  • I remember looking into it for IMCH.and decided that for the piece of mind I would pay the extra.....

    ironman was in the catergory of extreme sports for some reason....

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    I had a close call with Challenge when they lost my whole bike bag with ??100s worth of stuff in it. Fortunately they covered it but I'd prefer to be covered myself.
  • BTF recommend Cyclosure. Going through similar insurance based pain for the Europeans.

    Seems that most insurers will cover you for triathlon as long as it is not competitive i.e. if you stick on a race number.

  • I have checked thru the BTA stuff and yes you are covered for racing and training et.c but only for the benefits that Seren has mentioned, so you are covered if you come off your bike et.c but only for certain claims.  The EHIC card ensures that you get the same medical treatment as you do in the UK
    There is a travel insurance link via the benefits section of the BTA but for Ironman this needs to be underwritten and I have mailed them asking for a quote
    Dogtag etc. I have always found to be wildly expensive
    Any quote needs to inculde repatriation and be at least one million in medical cover (taken from MSE)

    As long as the medical cover is sufficient and you have the travel/baggage insurance that you need I cannot see why you need anything more comprehensive .... perhaps we should ask melifera  image

  • Cat .. they differentiate between a pro and an amateur, thereby you can compete but they also need to underwrite anything over Olympic distance
    I'll post any reply from Cyclosure as I am sure they will have dealt with this before

  • you need to make sure the medical cover covers you for racing.....i think dogtag was about £40...a lot but compared to teh whole deal of ironman.....someone did state recenbtly that one of the normal insurances covered it now

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    That's not a bad idea really.
  • I think they have probably down graded the risk of ironman in the last few years siunce they have realised any old runner can do one image

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    Cat .. they differentiate between a pro and an amateur, thereby you can compete but they also need to underwrite anything over Olympic distance
    I'll post any reply from Cyclosure as I am sure they will have dealt with this before

    It's all about the wording. I can cope with the amateur/pro differentiation but when words like race or competitive are used it could cause issues post-accident.

    Cyclosure phoned me today when I emailed them some questions. The guy was very helpful, and is also racing with me in Holland.

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    My comment was about Melli image

    I might call the free cover people I have with the bank tomorrow and see if they do add on as I'm certain they have the no racing clause that Cat mentioned.
  • I have asked our resident 'expert' to  post her thoughts  image

  • Hello All,

    Meldy sent me a text asking me post about insurance. I got knocked off my bike in Lanza in December, spent a couple of weeks in hospital and a further 4 weeks not being able to fly home.

    IMO you do need travel insurance that covers you for IM racing. It isnt that cheap but that is how insurance works!

    Do make sure you EHIC is in date and get it renewed by applying online if it isnt. Your EHIC will cover any of your treatment in the Spanish national health service if you need it even if you dont have other medical insurance. However, it only covers your essential medical treatment of course. You need travel insurance to cover and delays to your travelling home (flights and accomodation). There may also be essential additional medical costs. For example, because I had a collapsed lung I was not able to fly until I had a clear CT scan. The EHIC doesnt cover that scan because the fact that you cant fly isnt a medical reason to "treat" you with a scan.

    In Lanza there is a General Hospital in Arricife which is the national health and a Hospiten in Puerto del Carmen which is private. Any ambulance has to take you to the nearest hospital. The national health service treatment is quite good but Hospiten will be able to treat you in english or german (or spanish obviously). Your travel insurance will almost certainly cover you for private treatment at Hospiten but they wont make that obvious! So if you need to go to A&E by car rather than ambulance, go to Hospiten.

    Travel insurance normally covers some legal expenses. So if you have an accident that is the fault of someone else your insurance company will pay their solicitor to pursue expenses and compensation on your behalf. The BTF does *not* do this for accidents outside the UK. You may not be concerned about compensation but it is quite likely that your travel insurance will not cover the full cost of, for example, replacing your bike (they usually have a limit on persoonal effects, obviously you could extend to cover at more cost). Often but not always you could claim on your house insurance.

    Travel insurance should also cover you for liability if you injury someone else. I am not sure if the BTF cover this outside the country.

    In short, I think you absolutely must have good travel insurance and not just rely on your EHIC.

    Happy to answer any questions if I can.

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    I have one question - who do you use?
  • I used Sportscover Direct and I would *not* recommend them. They *have* paid out under one section of my policy (medical expenses which included treatment, accommodation, carhire in lieu of travel expenses, flights home) but not yet under personal effects (helmet, cut off clothes, bike xray). But we found they were mainly poor on the customer services side: slow to call us back, sometimes rude, never volunteered advice/information (and in these circumstances you dont know how it all works or what questions to ask), wouldn't send translations of my medical reports etc.

    The company I have been dealing with is One Claims / one Assist even though I bought the policy from SportsCover direct.

    FB had a good experience with another insurer, I'm sure he will post who that was.

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    Thanks Melli.
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