Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • I do know that FB has used Dogtag and reccommends them and another one too .. name escapes me  image

    Thanks Meli 

  • Quick google search - shows this one

    Not read the details

  • Insurance - gives you an umbrella when it's sunny, takes it away when it rains .. scumbags ...


    ...sorry, I'm not bitter image

  • I had great arguements with the same company Melli mentioed, when trying to get money back when I pulled out of Berlin due to injury. Went on for months.....until I cc'ed the letter to a friend of mine who is a solicitor - they paid up within 3 days! image

  • I use the post office travel insurance- you'll need the hazardous sports add-in.  Had cause to claim on one of the policies a few years back (skiing mishap) and claim was settled within a week of me sending them the physio bill and proof of cost of ski pass.

  • I'm using dog tag - i buy annual insurance as its easy

    had a claim years ago for shuffleB's kayak incident and all was good

    IM is still in extreme sports for some reason
  • HappychapHappychap ✭✭✭

    We've got Dogtag.  Never had to use it though (touches wood)

  • More on strategy:

    This article is spectacular and even if you do not train/race with power you can understand the reasoning behind. Please note that the winds are still unpredictable and while they are almost always N to NE, they may well be different and changing!

  • I've gone Dogtag.

  • I think I will too - but can I use it as an excuse to get something else carbon for the bike to offset the extra weight of carrying the dogtag round the course image

  • The blokey from Cyclesure is geting back to me next week so I shall post my findings then

    I have yet to master the pirate shop for my t shirt tho ...

  • Split times

    The following splits are based on the course used in 2012 and may change for the 2013 event. The times below will be recorded for each athlete:
    No. 1: Swim Turn (1,900 km) · No. 2: Swim End (3,800 km)
    No. 3: Bike Start (0,000 km) · No. 4: Bike End (180,000 km)
    No. 5: Run Start (0,000 km) · No. 6: Run Turn 1 (6,103 km) · No. 7: Run Turn 2 (9,520 km) · No. 8: Run Turn 3 (12,937 km) · No. 9: Run Turn 4 (18,780 km) No. 10: Run Turn 5 (24,623 km) · No. 11: Run Turn 6 (30,466 km) · No. 12: Run Turn 7 (36,309 km) · No. 13: Run End (42,195 km)

    That should make for a few uneasy spectators at home .. no splits on the bike except start and finish!

  • As you can tell I have been reading through the race info ... nothing like a raised HR to keep me awake at night
    I am less  concerned about bike cut-offs as I was in the early years but it is still a reality if all things weather related conspire against us (lets face it the build up hasnt been great!!)  The bike cut does seem to be fairly generous with a 6.30pm cut off time with the swim starting at 7am

    I have ready through the FAQs so no need to traipse up for the briefing either

    no nudity ..... no drafting ..... no chip, no finish .....  no coaching .... blah blah blah


  • I'm guessing that the run distances above are in meters not kms?image

    Thanks for the insurance stuff above.
  • I hope so, my arse could not stand 180,000 km on the bike.image

  • The suns out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image

  • .... and ... 6 weeks !!!! imageimage

  • I may get out on my bike with 6 weeks to go image

  • You take it steady TB!

    I think most people doing the Whitehorse Challenge are on here, any thoughts as to a start time ??

  • i missed out on the white horse challenge image

  sundays sportive.they do not give any info on metres......any ideas.....I think I will come and do it..not sure if I can keep up with you though

  • Seren, I have a place in the White horse challenge going free!!

    Was originally signed up before a mate said she wanted to go to Tenby for her 40th, it's why I'm doing the Hay one the week before instead.  So there's a place if you want one image

    The Hay course says it's hilly, what that translates to in metres I've no idea, lol. 

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Melds - I like to start as soon as I can at WHC as it's a long one. So would want to go as soon as they open the floodgates. Whatever time that is?
  • pingu.....i will take that place off you then.........oh is in london but my mother has agreed to sort out  my youngest for me.


  • WHC: Registration: From 7am and riders can start from
    8 until 9am image

  • What he said ...

    its 'only' 90 miles innit?

    Will aim to start from 8am then if we can, Mousey/Seren do you want company or do you not want to wait for me on the downhills  ??   image

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Don't mind really. If we all fire off at 8am and then see how we naturally divide?
  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    Have you done it before btw?
  • seren nos wrote (see)

    pingu.....i will take that place off you then.........oh is in london but my mother has agreed to sort out  my youngest for me.


    Cool, glad the place will be used, are you doing Blaenavon?

  • Me?  Yes I did it a couple of years ago ... quite liked it actually, need to dig out my times as I am expecting huge improvements   image

  • Pingu.yes I'm in for blaenavon.not sure why as I never do pool tris....but that one is one i have wanted to do for a while.....the organisers still won't let me use a poolbuoy so i will have to breats stroke the swim.......

    and the bike course is still covered in snow and ice at the moment...and pot holes......


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