Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • Meldy........if you cycle down the hills instread of walking then of course you can make huge improvements to your timeimage

  • I may pop over and see you WHC'ers off as you will be on my home turf.

    Will you all be heading for home as soon as you have finished or will you all re-group in a pub after. Am happy to join you for that image
  • M..o.use wrote (see)
    Don't mind really. If we all fire off at 8am and then see how we naturally divide?

    I'll loiter around that start just before 8:00 and meet you all there

    Schmunkee - The List Fairy wrote (see)
    Will you all be heading for home as soon as you have finished or will you all re-group in a pub after. Am happy to join you for that image

    Sounds good to me...image

  • PSC wrote (see)
    I'm guessing that the run distances above are in meters not kms?image

    Thanks for the insurance stuff above.

    Please note that Meldy's distance information was in european notation, which means that the commas are the separator after units and dots the separation after thousands. Therefore 42,195km is not 42 thousand kilometres.

    For those more visual amongst you:

    1,000,000.00 One Million (Britain)

    1.000.000,00 One Million (Spain)

    And also yes, less than 6 weeks ... OMG

  • 150k sportive in flat and windless essex - perfect prep for a hilly and windy lanza.

    Remembered how to get pacing all wrong so hammered the first 90 mins then suffered the rest of the way.

  • Less distance than OC's .. but 110k Sportive in very hiily and very windy Wiltshire .  I should have taken a good pair of walking boots with me.   Very even pace though ..started slow and stayed slowimage .  

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
    I did a hilly sportive too. Laughed at some bloke who kept walking up the hills.
  • Seren, tried forwarding you the WHC info I've got on RW but the crappy message service doesn't seem to be working image

    Here's the info I have:

    Dear WHC Riders,
    We hope the training has been going well for everyone.The rider instructions are now linked to the website - please readcarefully: route is unchanged from previous years and we will provide you with aroute map at registration.Please note the following key points:1) The event will be covered by motorcycle outriders from the NationalEscort Group. We will also have St. Johns Ambulances and first aidprovision at each feed station.2) Danger spot(s): The is a dangerous high speed descent at 45km andanother at 128km. Please ensure to read more about these on the riderinstructions.3) HQ: We will have additional portaloo toilets in the small car parkbeside the hall to avoid queues in the morning.4) Parking: We should be able to use the sports field next to Shrivenhamhall for some parking (weather permitting). Marshals will direct riders tothe appropriate parking locations as they arrive.5) Registration: From 7am and riders can start from 8 until 9am. Youwill be given your timing chip, rider number and a route map (cable tieswill be provided to fix the number to your handlebars).6) Timing system: We will be using DB Max Precision Timing again, withtiming chips that strap to the riders ankle. You will activate the chip byriding over the timing mat at HQ. We will also have 'King of the Hills'again this year, riders will be timed from the bottom of Uffington WhiteHorse to the top!7) Massage at the finish: The cost is £5 if you would like a soothing 10minute leg massage.8) Showers: There are 2 showers available at the HQ, if required.We look forward to seeing you on the 21st.Kind regards,Fergal, Sarah & the WHC Team.

  • Hmm ... that worked well!

    Assume you'll just sign in as me, do you know my last name?

  • Hmm ... that worked well!

    Assume you'll just sign in as me, do you know my last name?

  • image WTF ?  Why's that come out twice ?!

    I'm leaving!


  • i can have a chat on sunday before the hay ride ...yes i have your name image


  • Hey slagiatt I take it that was you on Sunday I met then? Interesting fact blow out at 45 mph down the hill on the 3rd joker challenge! Was a decent ride apart from that! There were some bloody monster hills in that one as well.... Did you hit up the 2nd challenge with that 25% hill in it?
  • Hi Jamie , yes it was me .. i did the first and the third jokers .. didnt fancy the 25% after the 20% on the first one.. although opinion of other riders on the course that did the second one suggested that it wasnt actually as bad as it sounded. One hell of a hilly course but an excellent day .. good to meet you .

  • Yeah I did all the jokers number 2 the lead up was a hell of a lot worse then the 25% hill as it was only about 150 metres long, was a decent event I just had every mechanical problem possible... Chain, brakes and a blowout....
  • Well my Dogtag has just arrived - very flash packaging but we could end up looking like a bunch of Squaddies!! image

  • If anyone is interested Cyclosure quoted me £77 for 10 days and including race day, how does this compare with others

    Squaddies you say Rafi ....    image

  • Dogtag was only 40 odd quid for 10 days i think - I paid 110 for a year

  • Cheers... I may compare content

  • dare direct are £63-£88 for singe trip , £118-168 for annual .. covering European Ironaman racing .   Dog tag come in about  £20 cheaper on each of the options (gold silver bronze vs base , pro, max ) .. Dare seemed to have higher benefits , but seemed to limit you to just the one sport choice (ie IM ) where as Dogtag covered a wide variety of extrme sports . looked for customer reviews , couldnt find any for dare , and only one mediocre one for dogtag ...

    I guess only one comes with shiny stuff.... and i am fairly shallow


  • Pingu.signed up for the hay on wye ride and now I notice its not signed,..self that will add a few more miles on as I haven't got a gadget thingy

  • I ran .. in the sun and everything !!!

  • its raining here

  • just read that there are yellow arrows marked for the hay on wye sportive.........they give you tae route and a map as hopefully won't be too hard to navigate.......image

  • Famous last words Seren !!

  • Hi Seren, I couldn't log on yesterday for some reason, but that's what I was going to say, the web pages says they'll be signs up, and so there bloody well had better be!!

    Happy to cycle together if you want company or just see how it goes, looks like BBT is going to do it too.

    Looks like it's gonna be a rainy one though image




    I will rest my legs till then and will work hard to keep up with you for as long as possible image


  • I think with the amount of cycling you've been doing recently I'll be drafting behind you!


  • I was planning a training weekned in Tenby around late April. I cannot now however do this on the weekend of the 27th as I have family coming over impromptu.

    I can however do the next weekend as I have only a 2 week taper to IM Lanzarote.

    Anyone up for some training rides in Tenby on the IMW course?

  • Looks like your the guide on Sunday Seren image

    I will be up for doing a ride down Tenby sometime, but my schedule looks pretty busy for a while so I may not be doing it until after Outlaw.

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