Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



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    Ohh confessions. Work has created big issues this year, I've been so busy but I've done what I can, with the time I had.  Here goes:

    Number of swims - have tried to do 1 or 2 a week since January but none have been much over 2.5km.  One open water swim, in the sea, which I hated.

    number of bikes - been really stern with myself to get out there and do a long bike each week whatever the weather.  Very pleased with the results.  Lots of long ones between 70-90 miles.  Also a century ride in Fuertaventura.  Also tried to get a short hard one in every week too (and a bike ride) but the weekly middle one fell by the wayside.

    Number of runs - tried to run longish each week, lots of runs 2hrs plus but fewer above 2hrs 30.  Longest run was the spontaneous marathon.  Backed up with a second run each week, tried to do speed/interval work for that session.  Again, no time for a third session most weeks.

    Brick session - maybe one or two.  This is weather based for me.  I really can't be bothered to come in get changed from full winter ride kit and into full winter run kit, too cold, too faffy, takes too much time.  So I've done one or two in the last week or so when the weather has improved.

    I'm not freaking out Hokori, I'm leaving that to the wusses. image

  • I figure there's no real need to be doing very long rides as the course seems to be lots of uphills, that being the case there must be lots of downhills, which physics tells me are free miles, probably never needed to go over 70 miles I reckon image

  • Like your thinking Cupcake....i guess, technically, 56 miles would be enough??

  • I like this report stuff image

    Number of Swims: 28, 6 OW half distance. 3k twice (pool). No full 3.8 yet, 2 planned.

    Number of Bikes: Much less than I wanted but the camp fixed my confidence a bit. 55 sessions. Max ride 107miles when I cut short the Lanza race course to help a campmate.

    Number of Runs: Plenty at 54 sessions but as per my coach's request I do not run more than 13miles in one go. I have done some double runs which I thought were great. Also I have recently started long walk sessions with running intervals for more fitness conditioning and less injury risk.

    Brick Sessions: Used to have twice a week, many once a weeks but little lately. I do not usually suffer much from this at races but I did not get to run in Wales and I was knackered after my full(ish) course in Lanza albeit this was at the end of a leg shattering camp. I did manage to run off the bike as a test though.

    I am done with freaking out. I have learned the hard way that anything can go tits up at any given moment so I am painfully teaching myself to focus on the moment.

    Also I will remind you both Andy Holgate's feedback and my own. Prepare mentally for the ride up to Teguise and for the return after the descent from Mirador del Rio. Long stretch, small constant incline and most likely on a headwind late afternoon.

    I say, bring it on. What is the worst that can happen if raced/paced appropiately? At least I will not freeze like in Wales lol.

  • Rafiki wrote (see)

    Like your thinking Cupcake....i guess, technically, 56 miles would be enough??

    Yeah, the best way to test this is to actually do the 56 miles in 8 hours with 2-5min stops on the side of the road.

    On a bit of a serious note, you will see that this is actually quite tough to do as the constant restarting of your legs is really draining. Training coaches constantly remind us to keep focus and to turn the pedals and not coast to prevent the cooldown and drastic shifts between fueling systems in your body.

    Is that Tri-Dork enough?

  • I've pretty much matched my hours training with what I did for IMW so that'll do me.  Loads more than I did for Outlaw.  What I do think will be interesting is how we'll cope going from the conditions we've been training in here to the 25-30 heat we'll get in Lanza. 

    Overcooked it a bit today for commute cycle in.  Long cycle tights, over shoes, long sleeve top, HiViz jacket, 2 buffs and thick gloves.  Was fecking boiling!

  • good job I ain't coming.......on sunday I was in cycletop and shorts,........vest and armwarmers came off quickly.and I was still overcooking on the hills.......

     overshoes off  and a change to monaco is my only option to get cooler next time

  • I have a 200k bike oin the 18th will be late home to join the IM dead van you all make sure you take your times so that i don't miss any of the finishes

  • Perhaps avoid smearing yourself in 'gel' Seren, that might keep you slightly cooler image

  • seren, I was going to try to go sub 9.30 but if you can't be around to see it then I'll drag it out to, oh I guess nearer 14 hours

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭
  • 14. Ahem. Yeah right.

  • 27 Degress in PDC today image

  • Thank Feck for that
  • Yea come on, roll up, roll up:

    80 miles target ave 15mph, vicinity of Aylesbury on Sunday, start at 10am.

    Any more for any more?

  • I'm doing a guided tour of the sights and sounds of the Challenge Henley course that day...sorry! BUt make sure you wear those nioce shorts again Barley...I'm sure M..eldy will appreciate them image

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    Seren and I are riding together in our neck of the woods.

  • Swims - some months average 2 a week, others 2 a month.  3k maximum.  oops.  Just looking for a steady swim

    Bike - f** loads so that should be ok.

    Runs - 8 since January, the longest being a 10k.  Looking at a really steady run-walk the whole way around, and hoping I don't break.

    Bricks.  Have my first planned this weekend - 7hr ride, 30 min run-walk.  hmm...

  • Are we nearly there yet?

  • Yes!

  • This time in 23 days we'll be in the heading up the first hill / on our way to the lava fields image

  • Speak for yourself.....I'll still be in the sea!! image

  • What time does it kick off?  I know I could go and look but I bet someone here knows it!

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    17 hours back from midnight?

    I don't know.  I don't know when it finishes either.

    Probably 7am start?

  • Its a 7am start or 22 days 19 hours and 27 minutes from now image

  • 7am?  That's almost civilised! 

  • I know - time for a nice civilised breakfast on the terrace, and a read of the papers, before we start image

  • Full English, mmm image (veggie version obviously)

  • We could have a quick bike round the course as a warm up    image

  • And so the taper madness begins...




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