Ironman Lanzarote 2013 (3rd weekend in May?)



  • RafikiD wrote (see)

    You seemed to have missed post race beer money off that list Barlo!! image

    And Shas, you know you want to, so stop mucking around and get your name on the list!!

    I was assuming that like the rest of us shas doesnt drink image

  • IronshasIronshas ✭✭✭
    Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)
    RafikiD wrote (see)

    You seemed to have missed post race beer money off that list Barlo!! image

    And Shas, you know you want to, so stop mucking around and get your name on the list!!

    I was assuming that like the rest of us shas doesnt drink image

    Aherm, no of course not, I would never drink, never ever....*cough* *splutter* image

    Thanks for the thoughts on price tho bar - that's kinda a pricey trip image

  • OC or others that have been before .. on the scale of Wales , is Lanza Harder , Less Hard ( the word easier in ref to IM doesnt seem right ) or about the same ?

    On the costs.. would think it looks about on a par with a UK event .. time you have factorred in petrol , a luxurious caravan for the weekend , lots of high carb energy drinks such as beer or cider , additional last minute purchases of wet weather cycling apparel and a thicker coat etc etc .

  • Whether Lanza is harder than Wales depends on the conditions on the day.  I dont think there is much between the courses overall.

    Aside from the weather the course difficulty is quite similar.  Wales has lots of hills, lots of up and down which affects disrupts youre rhythem, Lanza has some reasonable flat bits but the hills are long and go on and on, the climb through Teguise is about 8 miles, not steep but steepens at the end.  Theres also a few other long climbs, again not steep just long.  The issue with Lanza is its prone to windy days, winds gusting in all directions which can make those climbs a lot tougher, even a long flat section into the wind can be tough as its exposed.

    Lanza is a 17 hour cut-off, so allowing for a windy day you could be looking to add 30 mins to the bike time.  That said it was windy at Wales last year, when I did Lanza in 2007 it wasnt windy.

  • Accomm is a lot cheaper than that Barlos image

  • But isn't race entry a lot more?
  • No idea Lee .. possibly dependant on exchange rate but not a lot more?

  • Ah okay, for some reason i was thinking it would be be nearer 500 odd. Not that it matters to me!image
  • According the interweb thing, entry fee for 2012 if paid before 31 Dec was 400 euro (£325 at todays rate), after 1st Jan went up to 450 euro (£365 at todays rate) or the price of 100 pints of Guiness in my local.......decisions decisions....image

  • I would hazzard a guess at £400 ... and then there is the cancellation tax   image

  • slag - ill give you a comparison of the bike in 15 daysimage
  • MrGFB is doing Lanza again next year (he took a break this year because of injury - he's done the last 7) - but he's doing the 70.3 in November...anyone doing that?  A good chance of qualify as it's limited to 850 people and it's not filled yet...and the 50 world championship qualifying spots.

  • I'd have a better chance of finishing 100 pint of guiness than Lanza. Then again i am Scottish, so i've probably got an unfair advantage on that frontimage
  • Ahhh me too!! Shall we just settle for a few pints of heavy and watch the others on youtube instead!!

  • Thanks Barlos .. i'm giving it some consideration for 2013. Guessing this one sells out pretty quickly ?.

    OC.. looking forward to your report for the "how it compares"update. Best of luck mate. 


  • No Slag .. not as quickly as the others (historically) but dont leave it to chance!

  • **Customer Service Announcement**

    For those that were asking what the cost of entry was/is

    This years race was 400 Euro which is equating to roughly £320

    Factor in a small increase and some cancellation insurance and its not too bad relatively speaking (in comparison to some we have done!!)

    Registration opens on Tuesday 22nd May and the website states that it filled within 4 months last year


    Rafikid - it's me Rowena (but I couldn't bear the real name business!) You're a newbie - and you're cycling all those miles? I'm still to work out which way is up on the bike... 

    I spoke to my mother today. She says there are only muffins for the winners. I tried to tell her this isn't the sort of thing I will win. She said that isn't the attitude to have. I think I might have to leave her at home... image

    I like how we're all budgetting - but is anyone actually paying with real money?! Sponsored by Visa. 


    M...eldy - Entries sell out within four months! You mean I don't need to be glued to the internet on the 22nd May going "will I, won't I" Four months of procrastination.... 

  • You have to convince your mother we are all winners really!!

    And I only cycle to work coz I don't like paying for the petrol - I am Scottish after all!! image

  • according to the competitor handbook we got this week, entry next year will be 400 euros + active europe admin fee when paying online.

  • Thanks for that Holgs .. helps with the budget

    Rowens Muffins .. I wouldnt leave it too long, these races are exceeding the old supply and demand, hopefully the end of the month / pay day interface will be ok


  • Count me in. Bolton or Lanza for my first IM??

    Got more chance of convincing the wife if she's getting a holiday out of it LOL
  • 22nd is set on alert in my calendar now..... image

  • Add me to the list image

    now all i need is a bike imageimage

  • I'm afraid I have sold my soul to the nice people rennovating my house this year. For that reason, I'm out. But I shall watch you all train with great enjoyment. image

  • I'm out too. image

    I've got to have an operation this year that will take me out of training for 12 weeks. I also don't want another winter of having to train.

    So next year I will probably be doing Outlaw or, if I'm brave enough,  IM Wales.

  • Barley
    Iron Tractor Boy
    Waffy McWaffington
    Meldy McMuffin
    new shoes

    Doner Kebab

    shhh.......... the missus is making me coffee ..... better go quick image 

  • I'll credit card it on the 22nd as a birthday present for this year and thrill myself with pressing the submit button!

    Jay - think Lanza is a way better holiday than Bolton. I'll be first time and so Rafikidi.

    My mum has decided she is coming over with a transit van and Rowena's Mum plastered all over it. God help me.

    Now back to watching this year's footage ....

  • My dads over there doing it now

    Mark Edwards
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