2011 for 2011 - the final thread!

So after 52 weeks of logging the mileage, for me it came down to the very last day of the year to get up to the 2011 target. In fact it just so happened I did my long run on that day, and clocked up 2021 miles in the end!

I know some of the other regular posters on the thread hit the target too, and some were close - hopefully they got there.

So what for 2012 - I want to keep the mileage up, and will look to hit 2012 for 2012 (after all, we have an extra day to run on this year!), but I've decided to try and get in 366 runs in 366 days, although not necessarily running every day. I also reckon an olympic based challenge would be a good idea, but don't know what, other than trying to race every type of race they have in the olympics, and for me that's out as there's no way I'm doing the steeplechase or hurdles! If anyone has any ideas for a challenge post 'em on here - anything to help with the motivation to run!

Happy running everyone in 2012.


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