The time of the month ( ladies only )

Right so went out for a run yesterday ( first day of my period) OMG I fely like I was carrying an extra stone , it was awful felt like I was running through pea soup , it was awful . Never experienced this before , felt like I was just not getting anywhere . Anyone else ever feel like this ??


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Badoo,

    Yep. I feel like crap the first day and just use it as my rest day. I've tried herbal cures but still feel like pants so choose not to run on it (i get awful stomach cramps and headaches). Suprisingly, i'm chirpier on the second day so it's just how your body reacts. Listen to it.

  • Yeah i always get this. Just be careful if you normally suffer from back problems, as the ligaments supporting them relax, so your body is less stable and more prone to injury. Leave it a couple of days if it feels weak image
  • Yip - me too - I just take it really easy and run as I feel that week.  I usually set off with my programme in mind and aim to just complete the miles I've planned regardless of the pace.  Most of the week - I'm fine once I get going! Just have to set off in the first place!  Always feel better afterwards!

    Take it easy and be kind to yourself image

  • Useful to know. Mine haven't returned yet (6 months) after having a baby so I appreciate the heads up!

  • I have a 10-12 hour window where it is a nightmare to run on the day I come on  - heavy legs, stomach craps and pain. It's never been an issue, I guess I've been lucky with timings, but this Monday I had a half-marathon to "race" in that window. It was a pretty miserable experience.

    However, I did't die and it's a nice bit of banked mileage early in the year image

  • i get this a lot around that time. about 4 days before my period, i get such severe bloating and stomach pains every single day that i look about 5 months pregnant. oh how i love being a girl.

    i say well done to you for running regardless - around that time the amount exercise i do decreases rapidly because all i want to do is get into bed with a hot water bottle!
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