Any other coeliacs

Hey guys just wondered if there are any other coeliacs out there . I am currrently training for the marathon , and am always hungry but am finding it increasingly hard to find quick things to boost energy .


  • Can you eat bananas - a fantastic source of carbs and great energy boost, dates do a good job too, I love fresh ones or medijool but any kind do a the same job.
  • Yeah, I love dates my friend bought we a special hamper for Christmas which has some in . No cant eat bannanas and am dairy free too !!!!
  • Make flapjacks using gluten free oats or a porridge substitute. Have you spoken to the coeliac society and consulted your handbook?
    I'm not coeliac but my son is (along with lots of other food intolerances)
  • Yeah I have gf porridge every morning and I am still hungry by 930.its more quick things to snack on at work, cooking at home is fine (diagnosed at 7 nearly 30) so uses to the cooking and eating out,just wondered what people ate to keep energy up !!!
  • Organix do various corn based snacks. They are found in the baby food aisle.
  • Some great snacks out there for us coeliacs but I have abit of toast and honey mid morning if peckish. Eat well bars are nice too. Nuts and raisins great too. Make some cakes or apple flapjacks. Make enough for the week.
  • My other half also has to stick to a gluten free diet so we have found a good range of different snacks that she can have, here are some (not sure if all are perfect for a runners diet though); frozen grapes, nuts, hard boiled eggs, popcorn (made yourself with no butter etc), tomatoes (or tomato juice), sliced veggies, chickpeas, seeds (pumpkin etc) and I found a Gluten free beer that she enjoys occasionally -

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