second pair of trainers ... do they need to be the same

I am training for the marathon and bought dome new shoes in nov after having gait analysis done. I am thinking of getting another pair and alternating . While my new trainers are fine they are a bit heavy and I am not overly keen on them , if I got a second pair that was different would it be detremental to my running style etc ( I over pronate so need a trainer that fix's that )????!!!!


  • New shoes is always a gamble - just because they are the same 'type' (eg structured/neutral) doesnt mean you'll get along with them. If your current shoes work for you, stick with them, unless you can afford to get it wrong and have to replace the second pair.

    Through trial and error (and at considerable cost) I now have three pairs that work for me, but the manufacturers of my go to shoe have just changed them, and now they don't work for me anymore... grrr

  • Hey Badoo - as above - but I rotate through 4 pairs of shoes: 6mm heel differential, 4mm heel differential, trail and support ones.  I tend to do my long runs in the last two and shorter sessions in the first two.  My logic - I get the benefits of strengthening my feet from the more minimal shoes but give them a rest in the longer sessions.  I've been doing so for the last 6 months without a single niggle so I'd say - it's about finding what's right for you.  image
  • I think its a better idea to have different shoes. If you run in just the one model - any faults that shoe may have will be doubled.
    Have a different model to alternate and the faults are halved ?
  • With absolutely no scientific evidence to support my thinking one way or another, I'd go along with Cougie. Same reason as why it seems a good idea to get some off-road running in the mix - apart from being softer the uneven ground means each footfall is slightly different.

    I've never had 2 pairs the same, and try to have one heavier pair for longer runs and recovery runs, and a bit lighter pair for tempo and interval work.
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