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I know I am jumping the gun a bit as I have not ran the race yet, but, what do you all do after a race, with respect to training. I have only done 10k's before and have always carried on as normal afterwards, but I am doing the GNR and don't plan on keeping up the amount of training I have been doing for it, but I don't want to just stop.


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    Hi cotty67,
    I personally try to keep my weekly mileage at about 35-40 miles a week all year. I then am able to just take part in races of all distances up to 1/2m at any time. I up this mileage when Marathon training otherwise I will just do different kinds of running on different surfaces. It really depends on what you want out of your running. For me it's to be fit enougth to do races.

  • just take a day or two off, then ease yourself back in with a slow run. Running the day after can totally ruin all the training youve done up to now.You can pick up an injury so easily. If you feel the need to do something the day after ,have a swim, or an easy bike ride.
  • hi there, after the GNR I will probably take a few days off from running, relax and then keep myself fit by cross-training and doing one long run and one shorter run per week over the winter months with the aim of doing a couple of spring 10ks and maybe a half marathon.

    think about setting yourself a new goal for next year, maybe a marathon.
  • normally after a 1/2, I take a day or two off, but am back to my normal training routine, bar injury, within a week. I usually do one easy month a year, when I half my weekly mileage - normally November, and don't run at all for a couple of weeks in the summer.
    good luck in the GNR, enjoy it and take regard of what your body says afterwards - you might find that none of the advise here applies to you!
  • Taking up the point made by Michael Carter about having one easy month per year, I took a look at the Q+A box on the right hand side of the forum & in particular the question "How should I train between marathons?". Bruce Tulloh (HUGE respect there) speaks of having one month a year off. At first I thought that was literally one month = no running, but now I suspect it's a case of half the usual mileage - am I right? Having just completed my second marathon this year (London & Robin Hood) I'm wondering how much rest before contemplating my preparation for London 2003. Any offers of opinion would be appreciated.
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