Mileage for 2011

What was your 2011 mileage?

After a terrible year with injury. I managed 1783.

Hoping for well over 2000 for 2012.


  • I was going for 2011 km (1247 m) ..... but only managed 829 miles. I can't blame injury, but did write an 70,000 thesis this year, which somewhat got in the way of my running!
  • One of my running aims is for for 2012km in the year- it's about 5.5k/day. I'd be interested to hear if other people are aiming for something similar and how they're getting on. I aimed for 150km a month for Nov and Dec, and found that consistency is the key.
    Is anyone else aiming for this kind of target?
  • I targetted 2011km for 2011 and hit my target on boxing day. I finished up the year with 2033km.

    I would definitely agree that consistency is key. I did get off to a strong start running c180m in January as part of the runners world UK vs runners world USA challenge. This offset slightly lower running mileage in the summer when I did a fair amount of cycling.
  • Final total for me in 2011 was 2028.9 miles.  I’m going to try and get 2012 miles this year currently steeling myself for 7.5 miles before work.  It sounds windy out there!

  • I just scraped past 2010 in 2010 - by about 3 miles IIRC.

    I had a pretty serious bicycle accident in June and suffered with a heavy concussion and back injuries. I started running after 3 days off but it was very painful. It took about 4 months to recover from all that but I managed to end the year with 2,256 miles although mentally I had targetted 2,500.

    Pleased with that but I want to hit the target this year, rather than just hitting the ground! image

  • 1331. I went for 2011 but fell off the wagon around April. Couldn't pick it up from there.

    Will try it again this year. See if I get a bit further before falling off the wagon image
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