How do a plan my training?

So, I'm planning an ultra bimble later this year.  The timing kind of depends on how the next couple of months go, given that I spent December with pneumonia and I'm only back out running since christmas eve.  It'll either be at the end of May or end of October.

The run is 3 days, day 1= 47.2km, day 2= 47.9km, day 3= 20.1km (but has to be completed by 10am)  I'm intending it to be a walk/run and its about completing the distances as a personal challenge, not about times at all.  I'm carrying all my own kit.

I've been running 5 years, pre-pneumonia was running 15-20m per week, up to 10m in longest run, can get back up to HM distance reasonably painlessly.

So, how do I go about planning my training?  Where do I aim for in my longest runs?  What about putting them back to back?  Should I be doing my long runs as a walk/run, given that I'll be doing the bimble that way?

Are there any good books about?  I like a good book...  Otherwise, if you have any experience, please point me in the right direction!


  •  A good book that i have read is Relentless Forward Progress by Bryon Powell, a whole host of information with training plans, nutrition etc. I am planning on doing my first Ultra this year and will be basing my training on this

  • Thank you!  That looks great.

    I've done a number of marathons, and one ultra on the back of standard marathon training, but I'm a bit  lost at how to train aiming for a ultra.

  • There is, amongst the half a dozen other threads on a similar vein on the first page, a thread called 'wannabe ultra runner' I'd be very surprised if the answers you were looking for aren't in there
  • definitely do the training run/walk if this is the up the long run slowly and also build up the next run start with a 10 and a 4 slow the next day and then just slowly build up....don't worry about times for now ....time on feet are good for ultras.....
    also look at the terrain of the race and try to train on similar......

    I always build up and have a cut back week every 4th week just to recoup......

    good luck
  • It might take me less time to run it than wade through 1648 posts, looking for an answer!
  • Thanks Seren image
  • Good question Wotsit,

     I've looked at a couple of planes for my first ultra this year (69miles) and having selected a plan I think one of the major challenges is going to be where I can find the time?!

     I work full time like I'm sure most of us do and I have my kids at weekends.

    Anyone have any tips?

     Do people have tread mills at home?

  • I am personally following the Hanson Brothers Plan for my first Ultra. Which suits me as it I run 6 days in a row with my longest run being about 2 hours. Most of my runs are runs are medium intensity and are squeezed in by getting up early or running from home work etc. I also run with my local club once or twice a week for speed work.

    In terms of being prepared this is one my favourite articles about becoming an ultra runner image
  • Oooh, I got spammed.  How... odd.

  •  try this link loads of info on here,plus races,
  • Thank you - that is brilliant image  I bought the Ultrarunning book that Ging3r Ninja recommended, which I will get around to reading...

    Races? <shudders> I'm not racing if I can avoid it this year.  Pootling and enjoying myself.

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