London Marathon 2012: Runners and Supporters



  • Eh up folks, thought I'd pop along and show some sort of interest here!

    This'll be my 9th London, so maybe I'll know what I'm doing?!

    hope to get close to 4 hours, possibly even the better side of it, so will be at 17 at around 2 hrs 30...

  • Gilly is on the left, I'm on the right in the pink top image

    Jim - hop on over to Group 6 and tell them I sent you image
  • Hey all!

    This is my first marathon full stop!!
    All the support I can get will be appreciated!
    I'll be wearing a white top with 'Thrive' printed on the front and back because thats the charity im running for.


  • Adam - I reckon we've got some room in the Wicked One's for you, come on over and say hello image
  • Cool! Sign me up! haha!
  • Hey everyone. This is my first marathon ever too. After being injured for 6 weeks between February to middle of March I am going to be slower than I wanted, but very excited/terrified!

    I am hoping for a 4:40 marathon, so should be hitting mile 17 at about 3 hours.

    I definitely need all the cheers and support I can get. I was supposed to be running with my identical twin sister who is too injured to run so she will either have to drop out or walk most of it, so I will be running alone image.

    I will be wearing a pink and white Against Breast Cancer charity vest with 'CARLY' on the front and 'TWIN 1' on the back written in black.

    If you see me then please please shout encouragement and  general abuse about not giving up at me!

    I look forward to seeing you at mile 17.

    P.S Adam I will look out for you, what time are you aiming for?

    Good luck everyone!


  • Hi Carly

     I'm aiming for sub four hours but who knows! Anything could happen!

    I'll keep an eye out for you too!image

  • By the way, can anyone tell me why i can't upload an image to my profile, and it's not the size, ive checked that.

  • jes - just made a rookie mistake , was extremely dehydrated prior to my 5 miler , and even more so after it. splits were - 9:26,9:46. 10:02, 9:26, 09:18 . only p[ossibly the 3rd mile will be my pace (hopefully) in the marathon.....
  • Carly - hop on over to the Group 5 thread, tell 'em I sent you image
  • Adam, the images have to be approved by RW Towers to make sure it's not rude or anything!  It will probably appear on your profile later this afternoon or tomorrow image
  • Aah! cool! thanks!
  • Thank you Sister Bad Habit.. I looked at thread 5 but it has closed?...
  • Ok, i'm going to sound really stupid now but is there any easy way of finding the Wicked Ones group?

    Cheers (and slightly embarrased!)
  • Thank you! Not sure what I was looking at instead! I'll join support group 5 now! image

  • Hi Sister Bad Habit,

    Have just seen the article about your supporters group and wondered if it's too late to join in? This will be my first marathon and I confess to being terrified. The thought of a few friendly faces at mile 17 sounds like bliss! Doesn't matter if I'm too late, appreciate I should have checked it out sooner.

  • I'll be wearing a white vest with a red logo for ELF (Eliminate Leukaemia Fund) I hope to be running with the the RW 11 minute mile pace group.
    Is it too late to join.
    I knew about Mile 17 ages ago, but I couldn't find the thread image(
  • Never too late, Lady

    Someone will be along soon to allocate you to a group

  • Reminder to all runners

    We get a bit crosseyed after a while watching millions of runners stream past

    so unless you are doing it in a REALLY unusual costume (like that twenty foot high nurse)

    YOU need to find US, we will never spot you in the crowd

    we are usually here,+East+Ferry+Road,+Millwall,+London&hl=en&ll=51.490442,-0.014291&spn=0.000027,0.021136&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=14.902362,43.286133&oq=mudchute&hq=Mudchute+DLR+Station,&hnear=E+Ferry+Rd,+London+E14+3AY,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=16&layer=c&cbll=51.490341,-0.014229&panoid=3D9abaUQzvMsfpKqtyEd2g&cbp=12,346.91,,0,0

  • The Frog has just said what I was about to say!


    There is not a cat in a firey place's chace of us spotting an individual runner in the thronging masses - Rob in his nurse costume and the Alice in Wonderland crew are the exceptions.  Even people dressed as rhinos or superheros are the norm.

    Lady 1 why don't you join us in Group 2 whilst Felixia (think that was your name but my brain is fried) pop along and see SuperCaz and B in Group 3.

    Those who just want a cheer please just look out for us - we cheer all day and at anyone image  we give out jelly babies, jaffa cakes and bananas (subject to availability, substitutes may be offered) to anyone whether they're registered with a support Group or not.

    We don't do this for money we do it for lurve ...... but you didn't need to know that image

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hello lovely people of Mudchute! I forgot to add my name to the list this year but I'll give you all a cheery wave and a shout as I trot past. Hope you all enjoy the day image
  • Are you the one who knits on the way round Redhead?  I remember her being red something from last year.
  • Who was it who brought marmite flapjacks last year?...... Bikermouse?
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Whoever bought them last year might want to forget them this year Foxy image
  • Just found some marmite and cheese scones.....image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Foxy Lady wrote (see)
    Just found some marmite and cheese scones.....image
    image.... I'll pass on those thank you....
  • I found somebody at work with marmite cereal bars this week.  I had to sack them.  No tribunal would find for them with that provocation.
  • I only just heard about those, not seen them for sale. I'll stick to my rice cake addiction. Although even I have to admit they smell dire in a confined space.
  • rice cakes

    ohh yummy yummy yum yum

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