London Marathon 2012: Runners and Supporters



  • I image Marmite.
    But even I have to agree that the cereal bars are just wrong image
  • I'll only be shouting back at you as I run past... hopefully dragging Redhead round for her superfast PB!
  • So marmite snack for team Super 6 the Fabulous Fs whill go down well.
  • I rather like the sound of marmite and cheese scones myself - but bearing in mind I'm next door to TP I think I may run the risk of having an empty bottle of fizz inserted somewhere painful if I partake.......;-)
  • Oh, and Adam the thread for support group one should be somewhere near the top of the front page of threads in the spring mara section - would post a link but can't from my phone image
  • Now marmite & cheese scones sound LOVELY! Shame I'll be on the round side of the fence - but maybe I'll find you by following my nose image
  • Redhead is indeed the famous knitter
  • yes we met Readhead at FLM expo in 2008

    will be fab seeing u again Mike Frog

    i can see us running the last 3 miles together  at Pewsey - do you remember ?

  • FoxyLady you mean you wouldn't notice a 6ft 3 fella dressed in rocky horror attire ??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( only joking honest...)

     BTW - got 4 bags of jelly babies and 1 of liq allsorts for you to dish out as you wish on the day _ i'll prolly drop em off on Friday daytime - any of you about then?

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Tickled Pink, yep, that's me. However, this year I'm leaving my knitting needles at home and trying to beat my London pb of 4:50:55 which I set in 2006 - which is much harder image

    <waves to everybody she knows and to those she doesn't know too> image' />
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    TP - Can I join your team if Foxy insists of dipping the jelly babies in marmite? image' />
  • I'll leave the marmite at home Emmyb!!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    @Foxy image' /> 
  • Did ClaireBear get allocated to a group?  If not then she is welcome to join Supprot Group 3.  This thread has gone mad in the last 24 hours and it is hard to keep up with it all, so if we have missed anyone out then please shout.  I promise it's not personal.
  • Hi

    I think i have been allocated to Wicked Ones group, but cant find the thread to sign up with them!

    Can anyone help?



  • i can't see my name on the liost for group 5 with Mike or the sassy ladies of group 6 sob
  • hey guys

    I'm off down to my folks ready for Brighton on sunday (eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkk)  their internet is a bit naff and not sure I will be able to keep up on my phone...... if there's anything important I need to know can someone PM me?

    Cheers- looking forward to meeting you all at London.... if I survive this Sunday of course image' />

  • Vik - best of luck for Brighton image' />
  • Good luck Vik, and everyone else doing Brighton
  • Hello peeps - for runners who have joined us since the original threads were started, please note that your names will not be on the main listing. Simply because (I hate to be honest) I just don't have the time to keep going into the start of the threads and editing them with new runners image' /> much as I'd love to, I work full time too so have to dip in and out of the forums.

     If we've sent you in the direction of a group, just pop into the thread for that group (all of them are on the main page as VLM support group 1-6) and tell them we've sent you across image' /> they won't mind it's the more the merrier LOL!!!

  • Hello! I hope I'm not too late to join a runner's group? It's my first marathon and I would really appreciate some support at mile 17!

  • Kate

    you'll get plenty of support -

    ok, the supporters are runners of all expereinces and abilities, but were all obsessed in the same way

  • Dave- I've got you in Group 6- all 6ft3 of you and bleurgh to the liquorice alsorts- safe from me!
  • Kate, you are welcome to join Group 3.  Pop on over and say hello
  • Clairebear77 wrote (see)
    I'm running (limping) - is it too late to join - hugs required!

    Not too late at all, please make your way to Group 6 and say I sent you

    You've obviously more time to keep track than me SC.  It has been busy as Domonique is publicising the Mudchute thing on the site.

    As SBH says, we both work full time and have limited access during the day so bear with us and shout again if it looks like you've been overlooked.  There's a rumour that we also have real lives outwith the forum but that's never been proven yet image' />

  • I have no idea how you're keeping tabs on this.  Will check in with group 6! 

  • I find a liberal application of gin & tonic helps with tracking things image' />
  • Hiya.-

    I've got a spreadsheet now.- If any support team wants expected times for their runners or any runners want a prediction chart for their supporters,  just ;let me know.

  • I'll be running London for the first time and would appreciate a shout out.


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