London Marathon 2012: Runners and Supporters



  • haha, that was funniest moment of the day, lucky those two men caught you image

  • Well I have a hangover, a sunburnt face and sore shoulders! But I got home in one piece so frankly that makes a change image I'm quite pleased I planned ahead and took today off work!!

    Will get the photos sorted and post a link soon - Maca Lad I'm pretty sure I have one of you!

    Same time, same place next year everyone?!!!
  • Thanks were amazing....image
  • Rob, cant believe I missed you, its not like you are difficult to spot image
  • I have sore feet and a back ache but fab fab day, glad you lot had fun as well image lol at train doors
  • TP if I could have i would have had a lay down at mile 17 but I wouldn't have got up again.....image
  • Lovely to meet and see people yesterday. Glorious weather for supporting.

    (and MacaLad, yes, I think we all spotted you!)

  • Oh I loved waggling the pacer sign, and leading the tour group to Chandos, good day out all

  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Hello all you lovely lovely hungover people

    It was a pleasure and a privilege to drape my sweaty body on your railing for a brief moment of respite yesterday. There are many surreal moments in a marathon, but not many get the be greeted by a tapir and offered a glass of fizzy, a jaffa cake and a hug. I tried not to get too close as I realised my face had turned in to quite an effective salt lick by mile 17.

    Special waves to TP and Soupy image

    Thanks to all involved - it really is appreciated
  • you had a pacer sign to chandos? GENIUS, love it image
  • Yeah, we are the "just get a round" group
  • HI all

    Thanks for being there! I realised just at the tail end of the tables that I had run past you!
  • Oh no, having flashbacks to the Chandos pacing group tour.....and found some drunken texts I sent, something about mouthing off to a group of young lads, about what I cannot remember......image

    Getting home was frankly a miracle.

    A great day......possibly for my liver, just as well it is only once a year!

    Is there not a Mile 17 at the Olympics?

  • We could have a table with jaffa cakes & all!
  • do you not remeber the 'youths' on the DLR Foxy...??

    we were singing the wheels on the bus to them..... we were 'on their patch' or something

    I'm sure Paula et al would enjoy stopping at mile 17 for jelly babies and assorted fun and sugar based snacks image

  • And the DLR alarm and said youths being removed from the train?
  • Oh dear oh dear
  • I had a wonderful time.  DL, we weren't worried about your salt face.  There were a lot of much sweatier people who insisted on sharing hugs with us.

    Quote of the day from Bear - 'I can't get it to stay up without cable ties'

  • Why can't I see any posts from foxy image
  • Oh it's all coming back, I remember dropping crisps everywhere.... but never lost my first aid kit!

    SBH??? Helloooooo????

    Do you think the "yooths" are discussing the drunkards on the DLR on MSN?!

  • I can see you now!!! Lord only knows how I managed to block you must have hit something on my phone image
  • I can see everything and everyone ... and a whole lot more clearly than I did at this time yesterday image

    Now safely tucked back into the NE corner of Scotland and safe from any yoofs or singing supporters.  Amazing ... it's 5.30 in the afternoon and I've not had a drink of anything fizzy ... that's a definite record for this weekend.  I am still on the Mudchute diet though as I've grazed on crisps, nuts and nothing remotely like real food apart from my cornflakes this morning.

  • Just got back home; a big thank you to all those at mile 17 yesterday, I managed to "high five" a good few of you. Just the adrenaline boost I needed. image
  • Oh and I've just remembered Bear & Iron Swiss Bobby decapitating that jelly baby and lowering it into a bottle of 7 Up on a piece of string image
  • It was cruelty to Jelly Babies I thought.  Did the owner of the 7 Up still drink it?
  • Yes, yes she did!!! She said it was lovely image lol
  • I think I tried to explain why there was a dead headhess jelly baby at the bottom but it was a hard concept to get accross when the person receiving it is (a) knackered & (b) thinks you're mad having never met you in her life before.

    I also remember being behind Soupy in the queue for the ice cream van and telling everyone else in the queue not to go near her as she was an escaped lunatic and had been seen shouting at people and muttering at balloons .... she didn't hear me but the rest of the queue kind of melted away from both of us image

  • Lol tp that was classic.

    My oh just keeps laughing at my sunburnt face and attempts at talking today!
  • Don't forget that you and Soupy said you'd do Sodbury this year GillyMac image
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