London Marathon 2012: Runners and Supporters



  • It really is a fun day out, and if there are any lurkers who are afraid that they don't know anyone or won't fit in then can I reassure them that we welcome everyone no matter who you are.  You don't need any experience as there are enough people who have done it before that can show you the ropes and it really is very easy.  All you need is enthusiasm for cheering, drinking and eating cake.
  • I know this is a bit cheeky but thought it was worth a try !! I am running for the charity PhabKids and really struggling for sponosrship, now I know I dont know you but if anybody can spare a few pounds I really would be greatful



  • Yes it is a bit cheeky and RW Towers really doesn't like it either.  If everybody did this then the site would be awash with people asking for money. 

    There are usually a couple of focused therads nearer the time for charity pitches.

  • Ok sorry not to worry x
  • Plus most of us know enough people who are friends who are running to have a firm idea where our charity donations are going this year.... (Sweetest/BDB and Vikw at Brighton are my top 3 when I get round to it....)
  • Bouncy bouncy bouncy!! Come one come all - TP, I was thinking along the lines of 7 teams too, suppose we're getting to the stage of splitting people into their groups image will pm you on the facey thingy image

    Oh, and just to echo the fact that we're not that scary really!!! I've only been a couple of years - I'm a defector from t'other side of the fence in 2009 (a one time only lol) and have had a total ball hence the repeat appearances image please doo feel free to join us, whichever side of the fence you may be.......oh, and stay clear of Becks and her camera/phone image

  • Little Ninja wrote (see)
    I was talking to someone about Mudhute today and the number of runners vs supporters. Considering how infrequently people run VLM multiple times, it's a shame more don't cross to the supporting side in following years, or is that just me thinking that?

    No it's not just you!  Considering the number of people who have taken advantage of Mudchute support over the years, I think it's pretty sad that people don't come back and repay the favour the following year.

    I also notice people have appeared on this thread with minimal number of posts and it makes me feel as if they are 'jumping on the band wagon' and I have my suspicions that they won't be around on the forum much after 22 April, letalone at Mudchute 2013. 

    I have done Mudchute for the last three years and have had a ball at every single one of them; it really is a massive craic and I am sad that I can't be there this year.  

    I would like to put it out there that the runners on the list seriously think about coming back next year on the other side of the fence.

  • I’ve been both a supporter and a supportee - it’s hard to say which is the most fun or which is the most tiring.

    I second what has been said about people coming up after being supported, it’s an incredible sight that you miss out on when actually doing the thing.
    There are elite runner, fast runners, wheelchair “runners”, average runners, and the real heroes those who are going to be on their feet putting in the max effort they have for up to 8 hours or more. Those people need this support station more than anyone else, if only for the fact that people stay and are encouraging and cajoling (and occasionally abusing in a Barleyesque fashion), those exhausted determined people.

    So come on people, if you are not running, go to Mudchute and taste what marathons are really all about image
  • You forgot the z-list celebs, Ye Olde Dragon image

    Last year, I had Dom (from Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow) retrieve his jelly baby from my cleavage.image

  • One year Gordon Ramsey was nearly sick in someone’s rucksack! Can’t remember who it was, but when she said, don’t be sick in that! he swore at her - not like him!!!

    I just had to google Dick and Dom - poor you image
  • I am running again this year (lunatic) and will definitely need some support!
  • Hi All
    Sorry not been around much been struggling with a bad niggle so who know maybe attempting to jump over to otherside of fence and support, but will admit I wanna run it. Sorry to be bit thick but what's Mudchute?
  • I bought my train tickets to come down as a Mudchute supporter this evening (pretty bargainous they were too, this far in advance) - really looking forward to shouting abuse at you all image
  • Hi folks

    In 2010 I went to the expo and dropped of my body weight in jaffa cakes and jelly babies...

    How come on the day I never saw anyoneimage

    Was really disappointed how could I have missed everyone?

  • Mudchute is actually a station on the DLR.  It's at roughly mile 17 of VLM.  RW (for that read Sister Bad Habit and Tickled Pink) organise a support station for jaffa cakes, jelly babies, hugs, kisses, cuddles or a gentle kick up the ass
  • Strangely it's quite easy to miss when you're running as by 17 in your mind is beginning to get a bit spaced out .... or at least mine was.  Just after the water station around mile 17, same side as the water station.  There are balloons, there is a banner.  I wanted to put in one of these stinger things you see on cop shows to slow people down but apparently that might be a hazard.

    There are people lining the route all the way round so we don't really stand out from the others Flo Po ... it's just a case or remembering where to look image

  • Ah cheers Schmunkee. I see image was thinking it was another race tee hee! Mind you I Was in one at weekend called Muddy Boots! Well I am hoping will be ok to race this year but if not I'll come join the supporters!! Got another fizzy appt on Friday so keeping everything crossed will be ok for long distances again.
    First time done VLM so didn't know this support existed, would love to repay another year.
  • I missed mudchute when i ran it as well....

    i did support last year .......because I had an injury

    to be honest I usually can't get to any races unless i am racing as its hard to get a weekend pass and spend all the money if I am not racing........probably similar for a number of people...

    I wouldn't worry about the number of supporters as over the space of a few hours it should be fine........and lots of people just want a wave ......

    it will be alright on the night
  • Claire - where is your bad niggle? As you push your body you will get them. My knees are giving me issues at the moment but I place ice cubes around the bottom of my knee cap, moving them around until they melt. After a couple of days rest I am back out on the road. It sucks sometimes as you feel like everything is going wrong. Good luck with it.
  • It was a good day last time I did it - however long ago that was image
  • I think it was Nam who had Gordon Ramsey throw up on her bag.  She was most put out becasue the bag contained the special needs items of her runners and she didn't see why he should spoil everyone elses chances of doing well.

    Mudchute was a godsend when I did FLM in 2009.  You come around the Isle of Dogs with very little support and you are also very much aware that you are geographically running away from the finish line at that point.  Then, just as you get back into a populated part of the course there is a huge crowd of wonderful people offering hugs, jelly babies and anything else you want or need.  It took the pain out of the next 5 miles for me.

    I've never officially put my name down as a supporter in the past but I have turned up on the day and helped out two or three times.  We can never have enough hands so while it would make organisation easier if you could commit in advance, please feel free to turn up on the day if you suddenly find yourself free.

  • Cool really looking forward to it now image will definately be supporting another year, sounds like great fun!!

    Stevie - strangely it seems lots of things down right hand side of body. We've been crossing few things off the list like trainers etc. Last week I had to call the runs a day at 2-3miles, but after another fizzy appt given all clear to try bit further but stop if in pain. So yesterday did 8miles fine when running but bit aching today. So keeping everything crossed on mend now and will be fine for weekends long run.
  • Claire - bodies are weird things. I hope that pain disappears for good as it would be a shame for you to have to pull out. Well done on the 8 mile run. I did 9 miles on Monday night, felt absolutely fantastic during it but the next morning I had pain just below and right on my right knee.. out came the ice cubes!!! Physio said it was nothing to worry about as your body needs to adapt as you push it.. I just hope I can get up to 18-20 miles by the beginning of April.. fingers crossed
  • As SC said, supporters welcome throughout the day but it takes a good core number to get the thing organised as we need to set up and sort out by the time the race starts.  Also people to run the support threads and find out the needs of their runners.

    However, people during the day are great and please come along if you are prepared to help out and muck in with trips to shops/handing out jelly babies etc.  image 

  • I will see if I can rally any extra help for you as there is talk of some friends/family coming to watch. They are not on here but if they say yes I can get info to them.

    Plus it will give them something to join in with whilst they wait for me image

  • the RW supporters are on the right hand side of the route at around mile 17, you can't really see the banner because it's low down on the railings but there'll be loads of blue and yellow balloons and various other balloons with the supporter group numbers image it's at the top of the rise and before the zebra crossing, so if you are on the zebra crossing you missed it image

    supporting is brilliant, a lot of people don't actually stop, whether they are having a great race and just want to keep going, miss the group or DNF etc.
  • hello all......we're getting closer!

    I've had injury and remained I may be moving to the other side of the fence, if I'm forced to and if I can get over the intense jealously/sulk I'll be in.  Here's hoping I'll be running past you and hopefully not vomitting on the special needs bag aka Gordon Ramsay!

  • Hi guys - I'm not so good at lists. Would be grateful if someone with the list magic could add me as a runner. After 3 weeks of man flu I will be needing your help! Thanks guys - great job!
  • DLDL ✭✭✭
    Have to say supporting was great and a lot less painful than running the bliddy thing! For those of you worried that you don't know anyone it really doesn't matter - you are assigned to a team and everyone is very friendly - that's supporters for you - it's all in the name. I imagine this year at mile 17 I'll be wishing I was on the giving rather than the receiving end of the jelly babies.
  • Much better than running.........................and I hardly knew anyone last year, at the start of the day!
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