London Marathon 2012: Runners and Supporters



  • Woo Hoo I have been given all clear to run, just not got to push it too much speed wise. But Im a slow runner anyway and will definately be slower over a marathon distance. So 17miles here I come on Sunday.

    Just wont be able to join the fun the other side of the fence, not this year anyway.

  • I didn't know anyone at the start of the day last time either and it was definitely a great day out. Everyone is really friendly and it's a fantastic atmosphere. If you can get along to support I thoroughly recommend it even if just to have an argument with the Chandos barman at the pub afterwards!

    Part of me is hoping that my achilles gives up the ghost completely just so I can support and not have to run!! or is that not the right mindset to have at this stage?!!
  • We are a local charity in Greenwich, and as a fundraiser our supporters offer B & B on marathan eve for £40pppn.  We are close to the start, and its in family homes.  Perfect for runners and supporters - and close to start, 6m, cutty sark & tunnel under the water to Isle of Dogs.

    If interested please call Julie on 07754 087446

  • Well I can make it to 17miles image so should get to you guys image really think I'll need a swift kick up backside ha ha.
  • We're very good at kicks Claire image I'm pretty sure I offered to turn up with a whip for one of my runners last year!!! image He didn't take me up on hte offer, not sure why......................! I much prefer giving hugs though image lol
  • Tee hee don't think I'll be wanting a whip either. Hug would be good though!
    Soo looking forward to it this year meeting you all and next year joining in all the fun supporting image
  • Sweaty hugs, fizz and jelly babies with a side order of jaffa cakes, cannot wait!
  • ooh jaffa cakes ... do we have to give them away? image
  • SSssssh B, course not!image
  • Hash. wrote (see)

    I'd have done this before if I'd realised 222 photos wouldn't take forever to upload after all.  Blouse was snapping away all day at Mudchute, I've dumped the whole lot in photobucket here in case anyone wants copies of any of them.  Not quite the quality of the official ones, but then not £12.95 a pop either.

    There are a fair few boob and elbow shots in there.  He reckons both were accidentalimage

    For those supporting, I think these photo's sum up what a day of fun and laughter it is.

    Hope Hash does not mind me posting the link image

  • Oh lordy, I'd not seen those! They were the last Flora - the year I did it (note I don't say 'ran' it as I don't think that would be fair on the proper runners on here!!!) I had the wonderful Nam and Bear as my support group that year, and it was them who inspired me to come the other side of the fence for the last couple of years, just to pay it back. It was so fab when Bear rocked up last year and we adopted him, and Loon into our support group (and I think we shared Foxy with Sweetest Thing at points too lol)  to carry on providing hugs and jelly babies!!!!!

     This is seriously one of the highlights of my year - I've made some lovely friends even though in most cases we only see each other at Mudchute! Sounds ridiculous but I absolutely love it and like Caz said it is such a proper lift when you come off the Island that is a bit more sparse for support than other areas to suddenly hit the wall of sound that is Runners World plus a couple of the charities that usually set up shop around us. My view is that it makes all the difference to be honest. And if people are running either ahead or behind of time we are always always open to sending texts/making calls to family members to let them know, think I did it about eight times last year as the weather was so freaky for London in April.

    Bring it on is what I say, I can't wait!!!!!

  • did someone mention jaffa cakes? image

    Just had a quick glance at those piccies - fab!  Which reminds me that I met Rio the year before that when she was running it dressed as a Mr Men character - is she still around on the forum?

  • One month and 22 days to go - had a great 15 miler on Sunday - bring it on! image
  • That was the year that I ran London, but somehow I've been missed off the photos!  Hmmm, next time I see Blouse I will be having words.

    The photos do bring back all the excitement though.  It's got me started on planning this years trip!

  • I've looked at the train timetable and everyfing already!  Just need to arrange someone to arrive with a car for me to pour myself into on the return leg.
  • Sister BH and I were having a wee confab last night and I think the Good Sister will be making her pronouncements from on high about teams/supporters in the next 10 days or so and starting the threads for each group.

    I think we'll be going for 6 teams this year (usually 8 but we are light on supporters) so please keep a look out for your team.  Please make sure your email via site is enabled so your supporters can contact you and watch out for instructions regarding special needs stuff and general supplies.

    Start saying your prayers .... the Sisters of the Perpetually Full Glass are listening image

  • Love the photos!!! Can't wait now image
  • Woo hoo! We have our own Sisterhood image Us, bad influences? No never, we is good girls we is, I drink sorry SAY a prayer to the Perpetually Full Glass every night.....................imageimage
  • I am stupidly excited about this!  Can't wait to get organising!
  • Hello all

    Looks like the excitement is building...looking forward to the day. My training has been very hit and miss, lots of family problems and now have the lurgy. BUT I know all I have to do is get to 17...I may well be your slowest runner...and you lovely people will  get me to 26.2!

    Will aim to be a supporter next year!

  • You can't take my title as the slowest runner!!

  • No no, I'M the slowest runner!! image
  • Er hem - if we're talking about slowest runners, I think I'm in with a shout as well! Still out from training with shin splints for at least another week and aching from physio yesterday. I'm sure I'll be fine as soon as i can run again!
  • Thanks for posting those pics. I woz there, supporting and enjoying. I’d almost forgotten what a fab day it was (almost).

    It really is as much fun as it looks folk image

    BTW - I’m in with a shout for the slowest. I do hope that all the lurgies and injuries clear up soon. There’s plenty of time left - 54 days?
  • Just having a look at the photos - making me feel very emotional sob!
  • I can totally empathasise with those bliddy shin splints B & T image but mine seem to be going - very slowly but they are getting better!  Keep the faith.

  • I love your avatar Minardi - I looked like that walking home after my 15 miler last week image
  • Thanks Minardi - hope yours (and mine!) clear up quickly image
  • Can B&T and I be paired up please.  (Sorry SBH/TP) but she's a friend of mine.  Plus I need some late ones as won't be there until about 11am (avoiding balloon blowing!)

  • Oh yes please yes please Foxy! And I will definitely be a late one image (just for you image)
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