training plans 4 marathons in 3 months

Hello anyone reading this

I could do with some advise. Been running for 5 years. have averaged 2 marathons a year with a PB of 3.48. This year however wanted something different. Have entered my first double in march, which is main target but also have a place in London and have entered a Feb Marathon as part of my training.

 Ive just posted this on the sub 4 thread

1) Am I training for London?
2) Am I training for my double?
3) Hang on got a marathon in Feb (which IS a training run) so how does that fit in

Cant work out what I should be doing each week but long run wise am thinking for  Jan back to back LR probably up to a half each day and on the final week of the month go 20/22. Feb again BTB plus training marathon in around 4,15? March Double is 9/10 so one more 20 before taper for London and just see how I feel on the day.

Rest of the week just not sure.

Thanks in advance

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