Garm footpod and Watch

Hi folks

need a bit of help I have a garmin 305 and husband got me the footpod so that I can do some training in the gym on treadmill ,

the watch recognises the foopod and asks me if I am indoors ,I pressed the start button to record the run but when it came to loading on to TC nothing is recorded ,I have looked at both manuals one for footpod and the garmin watch and can not see that I have to do any thing else

any help would be gratefully recieved

Kind regards



  • Hi Razkatz. If I remember properly, the FR305 only has the ability to connect one ANT+ device at a time. So if you are wearing the heartstrap at the same time as the Footpod, only one data set can be recorded. I don't know which device would be preferred for recording but this could be the issue you are experiencing.

    I think from the 405 upwards, you can have more than one ANT+ device attached.

    I don't know if this is the issue or if it's the fact you have to modify a setting in TC. I don't use that software at all - I use SportTracks and it's very straightforward to pick different data fields and display them.  Anyway, i hope that gives you something to work on. Good luck!

  • Hi Thank you for your response I have the HR but not using it yet ,I think I might have solved the problem I attached it upside down I will try again tomorrow and see what happens ,Im beginning to think I might have purchased the wrong device as I am not very tech



  • The 305 will record data from multiple Ant+ devices at the same time.
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