Pennine Bridleway 2012

Leg 1 (8.5m)
Leg 2 (12.5m) PPP and SARQ
Leg 3 (9.5m) Brian & Andy
Leg 4 (5.5m)
Leg 5 (9.5m) JMC &



  • KwakaKwaka ✭✭✭
    Thats better.

    Leg 1 (8.5m) MTBB & Kwaka
    Leg 2 (12.5m) PPP & SARQ
    Leg 3 (9.5m) TST & MH
    Leg 4 (5.5m) GBM &
    Leg 5 (9.5m) JMC &
  • PPP & SARQ - clairster & I are recce'ing the latter half of Leg 2 on Saturday morning if you're interested (we'll be quite slow though)
    (if we take 2 cars we could even do the full leg)

  • DAZ - are you and Clairster in a different team?

    Leg 1 (8.5m) MTBB & Kwaka
    Leg 2 (12.5m) PPP & SARQ
    Leg 3 (9.5m) TST & MH
    Leg 4 (5.5m) GBM & (AM or Ade)
    Leg 5 (9.5m) JMC & KEV

  • yep - clairster is going to be a Fell Pony for the day image
  • DAZ, thanks but can't decide whther I'm cycling or running Sat and may do a park run.
  • Blimey- excellent work, Sarq, have you done leg 2 before? I do intend to try and recce it, if possible, either from school, light permitiing (as I work out that way ish) or the weekend before.

    Looking at the map, it is possible to run back to the car after to create a loop and make it into a longer run, possibly?! or park part way, jog to start...
  • PPP, Don't mind making it into a long run anyway. So we can go in my car and park at the start, as we'll get cold if we're too early and if you're late you get DQ'd.

    I was going to do leg 2 last year but it got cocked up, the only thing I know is where the start of it is.

    You can navigate as I doubt I'll find time to go up there to reccy it.

  • Happy to run leg 1 but as JMC pointed out on the email we would be the slowest pairing meaning we'd be playing catch up if others opted for faster runners early on. Without recceing I'd suggest we could run that in 1.10 - 1.15 maybe quicker depending on getting a decent 'gate strategy' which according to the previous fastest would put us 15 minutes behind.

    More than happy to do this still if others for us to kick it off.

    If that's the case, you fancy a recce on Sunday Kwaka ?

  • Just remembered it's the match isn't it. Week after ?
  • MH - do we need to recce, just follow the way markers, done the PBW this end and not badly marked or follow a local team. btw my knee is sore at the moment.
  • PPP - what are you doing Saturday morning? - clairster & I are going up to do the latter half of Leg 2...

  • DAZ- saturday??

    not doing any this weekend the weekend before the race, or after work, probably. I cant make anything this weekend as I have the pan lids!

    MTTB- don't worry about that, It is just good to get a team out and do our best!
  • MTBB, it's better you run together as you won't be slowing another runner down as you've got to finish together, otherwise we'd have 2 slow legs and I'm sure it'll be more enjoyable running at your own pace.

    I've somehow got to try and keep up with PPPimage

  • TST, I wouldn't mind a recce but if you can't make it that's fine. It's an area of the North West that I am not familiar with at all. I might try to have a go next weekend.
    Could do with chatting through transport arrangements I guess.
  • hi all - daz n I got blown around on a recce of leg 2..lots of pennnine bridleway signs around to follow though image we didnt get lost image
  • please could someone (JMC?) email me Kev & Adie's email addresses...
  • compo 1compo 1 ✭✭✭
    I heard someone mention this to a friend of his today when I was at my local lesuire centre
  • MH - this weekend could make Sunday
  • TST - Can I let you know later in the week. It's looking like I've got quite a lot on this Sunday and I'm not sure yet if I can fit things in
  • MH - no problem, Sue working so no competition for my time
  • Apologies but due to injury and having to ease off the running for a bit i'm afraid i will have to pull out of this event. Hopefully AM will be able to make it and he can run with Ade. x
  • Well at least if AM runs we'lll finish a bit higher up the order.

    But we'll need a reserve if he doesn't unless someone fancies a second leg.

  • Daz-did you pay all the entries? How much do I owe you or do I need to pay the original entrant?
  • MH - did 1hr 40min around the goyt valley this morning, a twinge when going up to taxal church but ok the rest of the time. Sore now but I have been kneeling for a few minutes doing skirting boards. So should be ok but if there is a reserve it might be an idea to have him run and me as reserve just in case.
  • with Alfa & GBM now both out, that leaves only 9 of yers:

    Leg 1 (8.5m) MTBB & Kwaka
    Leg 2 (12.5m) PPP & SARQ
    Leg 3 (9.5m) TST & MH
    Leg 4 (5.5m) Ade & ???
    Leg 5 (9.5m) JMC & KEV

    any more SHAC's to ask?

    or with TST also doubtful, is it time to draft in Supertec & Mgmt?

  • Daz - I will just have to manage my injury so I am on a good spell for PBR. Does the replacement have to be a harrier, is it a SHAC team only?
  • Daz - are they entered as a proper team though so will it have to stay all male?
    TST- depends on how you are entered..if you are competing for prizes then yes, a SHAC male is required
  • to be eligible for prizes, the team has to be all SHACs

    "Open" teams don't have to be all male, so lady SHACs would be OK - indeed a fast lady would benefit the team more than a slow male!

    N.B. Rules also state 10 different runners, so no doubling up on legs.

    the Stockport Harriers team has been allocated number 98 btw - this is important, as it helps to know this when asking for numbers at your leg start...

  • daz - do you not need to have a lady on each leg? did you see my note above re entry fees?
  • if you want to be eligible as a Mixed team you need ladies on each leg - Open is whatever the heck you want (I think!)

     I have paid already - people can give me a fiver whenever they see me, or PayPal me (I think I mentioned this in a Stockport team mass email) - you are exempt clairster, as I forgot to give you any money for petrol for our Hebden Bridge outing image

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