Pennine Bridleway 2012



  • A lady on each leg, pretty sure GBM would just like one on each arm image
  • Maybe Mike Shaw if anyone can get hold of him?

    Daz, I ran for Man Tri last year as I'm second claim with them and it appeared to be fine I think because it's not under UK Athletics but FRA.

  • have put a request on SHAC facebook page, shall see if antone wants to run with Ade, did anyone ask his brother Paul?
  • one interested on facebook
  • Me again! if you're still struggling to get someone then i should be alright to run. The 5 mile leg if possible please.
  • anone spying on the Fell Ponies thread may have noticed that we have poached Nick Ham for our team!

    good job Stockport are back up to full strength! image

    to be even cheekier, Nick may need help with logistics - he's doing Leg 4, so I guess he'd be best speaking to GBM?

    GBM - I'll email you/Nick to put you in touch...

  • As i haven't been paying much attention to this race for the last 3 weeks i don't know what plans have been made for race day. Have any plans been made for transporting runners to and from the start and finish of each leg?

    Are these the final pairings?

    Leg 1 (8.5m) MTBB & Kwaka
    Leg 2 (12.5m) PPP & SARQ
    Leg 3 (9.5m) TST & MH
    Leg 4 (5.5m) Ade & GBM
    Leg 5 (9.5m) JMC & KEV

    Jmc--I thought you said you were doing Leg 4?
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