Jurassic Coastal Challenge

Having completed this (just about) in 2010 I seem to have signed up to do it again this year! Well the scenery was nice and I met some lovely people. Is anyone else coming along? Places still available and its a great event.


  • Fun????  Waves to Birdypie as Bear remembers crawling through mud, weeping at the bortom of several mountains (known as 'hills' in that part of the world), not to mention having to share a caravan with some eccentric young woman who insisted in bringing her mascot with her image.

  • aw bear aren't you coming back? It was such muddy fun! Good luck with the Pilgrims by the way - did it last year. Its a challenge but not too bad (apart from Box Hill!  )
  • Trouble is that their idea of walking speed averages 3.5 mph which is quite tough for me to maintain over that terrain.  Lovely event though.  Have you done the reverse route and if so how does it compare?

    As for Pilgrims - I find that nasty hill a few miles from the enf before the descent to Merstham harder than the dreaded Box Hill steps.

  • Yes its a bit speed walk isn't it. I haven't done the 'backwards' route yet. I think its going to make for a very hard day 1 but day 3 will be a bit more manageable. Not looking forward to portland bill again but still should be fun!

    Ahh yes that is a biggy - but its a nice one to come down on the way back! Hope you manage to get a nice tin of cold lager at the finish to refuel!

  • BOIIIIINNNGGG. this is creeping up now. Anyone heading down to Weymouth in a couple of weeks?
  • I was going to run this, but now have a hamstring injury and looks like I'll have to walk it (as desperatly need the milage). Anyone know what the event is like for walkers - do they start before the runners or trail in last of all etc etc? Anyone know?
  • Hi Muddling!

    Yes they are walker friendly and start the walkers first. I think day 1 they set everyone off together but after that you should get a head start. I bimble along walk running so am usually amongst the walkers and there is a lovely supportive atmosphere so I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm certainly packing my trekking poles for this one! image

  • Thanks Birdypie - that sounds encouraging. Will plod around regardless.

    Did a test drive walking on Saturday. Did around 25 miles and now have big blisters on the bottom of my heels. Its funny - I can run/walk this sort of distance without much problem at all but walking the whole way has damaging consequences - ho hum. Mrs MuddlingAbout now sick of hearing about me moaning about my blisters as well as my hamstring.   

  • Yeah you'll get there I'm sure. You will probably find you are better prepared than many that are attempting it. Its all in the mind! image

    Hope the blisters heal up quickly. I'm sort of in taper mode now. Just planning some mid distance plods over the next couple of weeks...and then monster carb load!

  • Should be joining you - however was up in Scotland all week - supposed to be winter climbing but absence of snow and ice meant it was a week of Corbett bagging. Up on Luem Uillem some "friend "says - you should be fine on this Jurassic thing so long as you don't get an injury of course. Immediately stumbled over the only tussock for miles and twisted my knee. Nursing it carefully!
  • Ouch - hope its ok Midge. Bit of rest, ice and medicinal alcohol will hopefully see you right. I've been struggling with a cold for the last couple of week so haven't done anything. Just a tad nervous now!
  • Perhapse we should start an excuses thread? Imanaged to run back to back 6 milers at the weekend so am clearly well prepared.

  • Well done Muddling! I'll be starting with the walkers/slow joggers on day one so hopefully meet you there if not at dinner on Thursday. I'm the tall blonde with the tall bald bloke!image
  • Just waving friendly paw to BP - good luck and enjoyimage.
  • Hmmm - I am (obviously) on the walk/joggers start - I'll say hello if I see you! I have few distinguishing features but may well be wearing bright green cascadia trail shoes and an old clapped out Salamon pack.
  • Cool will keep an eye out. Weather looks OK fingers crossed and hopefully won't be quite as mudtastic as it was two years ago.

    Cheers Bear! Hope all is well with you! I'll try and drop back in when/if I make it safely to the finish line. image

  • Sorry - should have waved a friendly paw to all the others on this thread - good luck!!

    BP - all fine with me - still doing silly events.  If not before might see you at the start of Beachy image.

  • What fantastic weather - well apart from the right handed sunburn. Great weekend. Achieved my (modest) ambition of not to be last quite comfortably - as a walker rather than a runner I was a bit bothered but need not have been. Really enjoyed the routes - apart from Weymouth front and a hold up on the bridge- loved the last day. Finished along the beach with the first runner pounding past me like poetry in motion - he was enjoying it too.
  • Yeah it was a brilliant weekend. I can't believe how lucky we were with the weather. Stunning scenery and great company and camraderie on the course as always. My legs and feet are still in recovery but lots of happy memories again. After all that fun I think I'll just have to have another bash at the Atlantic Challenge at some point as well...next year though I think!

    Congrats Midge- its a brilliant achievement!

  • Ho hum - ran Friday according to plan 50/50 but hamstring seized up after 16 miles and I walked the rest back to Weymouth. Really enjoyed the day but somewhat frustrating as people jogged past.Decided not to start saturday to avoid further damag.

     I met a couple of tall blond ladies Birdypie image (even with balding chaps in tow), but neither were you image . began to feel daunted as they seemed to look at me like I was a bit of a sad case. Also Mrs MuddlingAbout might have something to say about the matter too.

    Until next time ....

  • Aww bad luck muddling - i wonder if it was you I passed approaching the finish - I offered some brufen? Really sorry to hear you couldn't get going on Saturday but very sensible - the hills at the end would have been agony.

    Hope you take another crack at it at some point. I'm hoping to revisit the Atlantic Coastal Challenge next year.

  • Ah yes - that was probably me - I do remember! Didn't want to mask the (minor) pain lest I spring into action again and wreck the thing entirely. 
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