Extreme Ironing

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I saw this on the BBC web site just now. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/2273006.stm

The Brits won this year's Extreme Ironing contest!! Tim, I really do think that you should get a team together.

OK, I'm moving house today, so it's time to deal with teh chaos. Hopefully I'll get my new internet connection with no problems, and until then, happy running!



  • Hildy
    When's the house-warming party then?
  • I heard about the extreme ironing event (in Germany?) on the radio.
    Tim has been very quiet about this... perhaps the national team coach did not think that his creases were as straight as they could be?
  • Steady mate,
    tim is a national authority on the subject- possibly even the chairman of selectors.
  • heard it on the Frost programme this morning ....Was Tim in the team ? maybe next week Frost will have Tim on the programme !!!
  • I've missed something here - can someone explain please?

  • Yes mate. Tim gets off on ironing. And England has won some ironing competition.
    That sit really.
    Oh and Hildegard's moved and is having a house warming.
  • I saw this in the Metro this morning... Particularly enjoyed the water discipline!
  • Drumkit please...

    They worked flat out.
  • No, there will be no housewarming party, given the fact that I now live in a convent. And it also has a house iron, so I think I'll give it a go this afternoon, to see what the fuss of ironing is all about.

    Still no internet connection yet (I'm at the uni), since the NTL guys keep getting it wrong. Hopefully soon though...
  • I'll get onto NTl myself... See if I can iron out their problems!

    In STARCH reality though, I don't think they will... They've been taken over by NPower
  • Alright chaps, no need to have a ROWenta
  • Time to rveive this thread since it was on Ch4 last night.

    wow! what heros SNATCH and BASKET were, Ironing atop the aiguille rouge having climbed up there with the stuff.

    But they're being challenged by the outdoor vacuumists (sponsor -= electrolux). but there's the dilemma:

    Speed = big wheels and high ground clearance
    cleaning = small wheels and low clearance

    Roll on the vacuumists 10k. I'm sure PB would be happy to get a URWFRC team together? Maybe even the windsor crew could do a trial.....

    time to leave
  • Couldn't stop laughing. Only the Brit's can be such brilliant eccentrics. When they were on top of that mountain I was crying.
  • I saw this briefly, when they mentioned the vacuumists. Well, if they want to, they can practice in my room, since it is in desperate need of a cleaning!

    Ah, I love being a Brit. When I lived in the US, I never fit in, but here, eccentricity's the word, yes!!
  • hey hildy, whats your thesis all about. its got to be more interesting than mine. mines bacteria. and they often smell. uuuggghhh.
  • Whoa! Just got to see my recording of the programme - what a larf!!!!

    You just gotta check out their website too - www.extremeironing.com

  • "Ironing can be dangerous, even in the domestic environment"

    To the Marketing Director of Electrolux: "Would you consider designing a new vaccuum cleaner especially for this sport?", "Yes, it's something we'd definitely want to look into"

    I thought the Urban Housework games were rubbish - it was like a bad episode of "Jackass" (is there such a thing as a GOOD episode of "Jackass"?).

    The Germans were making it up as they went along though, weren't they? Just before the games, they announce that you have to use their irons and not your own, that the irons will be heated, that you'll be marked on the quality of your ironing - all of which was news to the guys who'd invented the sport in the first place!
  • Moosey,

    It's on Old English and Old Norse religious prose. Yes, I have a knack for finding the most obscure topics in the world. Sorry to hear that your bacteria stink, but if you're work might cure a disease or do something similarly good in time, then I'd say it's worth it. If my books stank, there would be no way forward.
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