Hastings Half-Marathon



  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭
    First time I've done it despite growing up in Hastings, and REALLY enjoyed it (except the last two miles, which seemed WAY more effort than the hills).

    But... did anyone else have a problem with their timing chip? I was very happy with my time since it's only my second half marathon and a new personal best, but in the results my chip time was a minute and a half slower than my watch, and only a second slower than my recorded gun time. That obviously has to be a mistake in the official timing rather than mine, right? Because I didn't cross the line in the first second with all the elite athletes! I'm thinking maybe the chip didn't get picked up properly crossing the start line - is this something that happens a lot but that a race novice like me just doesn't know about?
  • How was Queensway for you Mr Finknottle? I was ok this year - but my legs turned to lead at about the white rock theatre - so frustrating. But i got there in the end!
  • Same problem with my chip time too. 1 sec off gun time. Impossible !

    I'm a bit annoyed as it was a PB for me too.

  • My times are a bit out as well .... I go with my Garmin times on each run as to me that is the constant

    I am not overly bothered with official results and just upload the Garmin

    How glad was I not to have a headwind going along the prom  image
  • Really enjoyed my 1st half marathon,fantastic crowds cheering and very well organised.Managed a good time considering how hot it was,thought my feet were going to explode on the last 2 miles!!Am already thinking of doing next year.Thanks Hastings!!
  • At last my work IT stops blocking access to this website....and before you say it, home PC is kaput so I couldn't log on from home either.

    This year was a lot better than 2011 for me, I managed to knock 11mins off my time image and I didn't feel too bad at the end either. I too prefer the new loop, made the prom section seem a lot more manageable. Well done to the organisation and support, I'll be back for more next year......doubt I'll be able to repeat the amount of time I can knock of the previous year's time, but we'll see if I can get another PB image 

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