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Hi Guys,

I have just applied to join the TA and my 2 day selection is on 31st March, 12 weeks tomorrow.  I need to run 1.5 miles in 13 mins and do press ups, sit ups, pull ups and some other phys stuff.

Now the hard bit.... i'm 42 weight 15.4 stone and i'm a 5 "6 female with a BMI of 37

OMG how on earth am I gonna do it... someone please please please give me a 12 week programme.  Im a member of Virgin Gym and can train 5 days outta 7.

Thanks so much 

a grateful potential recruit


  • I suggest the couch to 5k to start with, you will also need to sort some upper body fitness as well such as press ups, sit ups and if you can manage it pull ups. The other thing is diet to lose some weight as well

    I was a Reg for 12 years so do know where you are coming from. Also check what you have to do, the TA is a lot easier than the Regs.
  • sounds great but how do I get from couch to 5 k lol........
  • WilkieWilkie ✭✭✭

    As you are a member of a gym, why not get some personal training sessions?

    Explain your goal to the trainer and he/she will create a training programme for you for the gym-based stuff.

  • The British Army website has fitness plans...


  • To be honest.if you have to run that speed then i think you will struggle in the time you have left yourself.....its a fine line between pushing yourself enough and doing too much too soon and getting injured....
    is there any way you can get a delay of the test for a few more months so that you can get your fitness levels up.

    good luck with getting fitter and make sure you get yourself a good sports bra......
  • I cant delay the time as because of my age I must pass this march or thats it.  Guess its out with the ASIACS LOL
  • Hi Everyone

    I realise that this post was written a long time ago but for anyone who is looking for information about the British Army Fitness Tests and Selection, there is a great website that tells you all the tests, the required running times and provides training plans aimed at passing selection - thought they might be useful to someone else! it´s

  • ...I wonder if she passed? image

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