Bristol running shops

Have recently had new orthotics and need to go for a gait analysis to see if they are any good in my current trainers or whether i need different trainers.
Is Easy runner in Bristol the best place to go? Has to be Bristol.


  • It's certainly one of the best.

    I guess you've seen the list of shops in Bristol on the Bristol Running resource website, linky.

    I know Moti, Up and Running, and Sweatshop all do gait analysis. I wouldn't know how to judge which one is best though. I would hope they all have well trained qualified staff.

  • I use Easy Runner and have done for many years they are very helpful.
  • +1 for Easy Runner.  And if you belong to a gym or running club they give you 10% off on production of a membership card
  • Easy Runner, Sweatshop, Moti or Up and Running.

    Bristol has some really good running shops offering excellent customer service.
  • Went to Easy runner and they were brilliant. Would definately go back and just wish they would open a store in Exeter, although saying that a shop is only as good as the staff that is in them.
  • Exeter has an excellent running shop called IronBridge Runner. Very involved in the local and regional sporting events.

  • Cannot agree with you on that one RPP, sorry.
    A few friends of mine have had bad shoe advice there resulting in injury and their selection of trainers not as good. Lovely people but I do not have the faith in them anymore
  • Sorry to hear that, but as you have recent experience I'm not in a position to disagree.

    Shame really, they are very involved as I said in the region around Exeter. Prices always used to be competitive and the shop is friendly, but if the advice is unsound then it's not of much value is it.
  • Check out the readers' poll from Bristol Running Resource too: - it's between Sweatshop and Up&Running.
  • I get my shoes from Up and Running but my clothing from MOTI.
  • Got to go to Up and Running for your shoes guys! Great staff and a former Olympian owns the store! A++

  • Those, and the Triathlon Shop is also good on shoes.

  • Agree with Bill, staff are good and former Olympian is a lovely bloke who trained one of our top female athletes.

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