Iphone sports armbands

I am having trouble finding an armband for my iPhone that doesn't slip down my arm with the weight of the phone. Would also like one that fits my arm nice and tightly.

Anybody got any recommendations on good ones? Don't want to fork out money on yet another one i end up having to carry mid run. And putting the phone in my back pocket tends to make my tights fall down!


  • I bought a Nathan Shadow Pak from Wiggle just before Christmas and can recommend this

    It's not an armband though, it's a small bumbag.

    It doesn't look like it will but my iphone fits in - just.

    Very comfortable and I prefer this to armbands I've used in the past.
  • Dozens on Amazon.
  • I got one from Amazon last month - an iGadgitz neoprene one - its been staying put and not sliding down my arm which has happened on previous ones I've used.
  • Y-fumble the best and most comfortable arm holder around imho.

  • I used the Adidas MiCoach Armband made by Griffin.

    I Bought it from Amazon for £11.99 and the Iphone fitted perfectly while allowing you to still work the apps(the phone fits perfectly without any covers, oh, and I used the Nike+GPS app)

    The armband never came loose or slid down my arm and has a nice pocket for a house key. Only reason I no longer use it is I have a Nike+GPS Watch :0)
  • I agree the adidas Mi coach armband is good!

    I've never had an issue with it slipping down my arm and i've been using it for 6 months now!

  • Hi Lady Char Char,

    I've got the same problem - have ended up doing the same as Boz and using a bumbag. It didn't seem to matter how tightly I fixed the strap on armbands, they eventually ended up on my wrist!

  • Addidas Mi Coach for me too image

    Perfect fit, never moves when i'm running and as 1967 shelby says it has a place to put your house key. Definately would recommend!

  • Thanks guys. Will try the Mi Coach and if no luck will go for the bumbag option.
  • I bought the Sporteer Armband for my iPhone.  It is manufactured by a company called PDO in the US.  I got mine directly from their website:  www.pdostore.com

    I bought this when I lived in the US, but you can find the Sporteer armbands on Amazon UK now.  Here is the link:  Sporteer Armband on Amazon

    I've tried all the cheap ones armbands and they are a waste of money.  This one costs a bit more but it is comfortable and very durable.  I found it by Googling "Best iPhone Armband" and this one was rated #1.

    Good luck to all.  I hope this helps!

  • If you are a slim woman go for the bumbag. I am a size 10 and have given up on armbands, the size of the iPhone means it is near impossible to make a comfy armband and I was getting sore shoulders from holding my arms in such a way as to stop it falling off.
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