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 Just recently joined the site and have loved all the advice and direction that is provided. I noticed a few people saying that keeping a blog or journal is crucial in keeping you motivated. I'm just starting back running after a pretty nasty accident but I'm coming back fighting and have set myself a massive challenge of training for a marathon in 38 weeks, as you can imagine, i need all the motivation I can get. Just created a blog tonight but wanted to get some folks opinions on wither their useful and any other tips on either keeping a blog or generally staying motivated.

thanks for taking the time to read this

blog address :-

Kirst x


  • Hi Kirstin

     i also have started running again since a long lay off... good luck in your training


  • Hi Mark,

    good for you. hope all goes well image already the thought is quite daunting lol image


  • Mark
    The most successful year I had training wise I kept up a diary with mileage, type of run, how I was feeling and any niggles. I had a target mileage for each week and it proved very useful in creating a routine o f running and then latterly of not going above my target (may sound crazy as you begin this lark but trust me the feeling grows!)
    Don't set unrealistic target to begin with and soon you will reap the reward! BOL
  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I have started a blog as well, where I log my progress with training, among other things.

    I think a blog is a great way to record and reflect on your progress - as you read back previous entries, you will see how far you have come and seeing yourself grow is very motivating.

    Evidence shows that if you put your goals in writing, you are more likely to achieve them.

    Why don't you invite your friends to subscribe to your blog, that way they can hold you accountable for training regularly?
  • Great idea, you'll need to give me your blog address so i can follow it seein as your marathon is in 274 days lolol.

    Kirstin x

  • Ive also started one. Thought it might keep me motivated. The address for mine is:

  • Good idea, and i've decided to get going on one too.

    Good luck everyone, lets hope we get there
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