Heritage Coast Fun Run/Marathon

Does anyone have any feedback about this marathon? I've managed to unearth on Google has shown it to be a scenic route with some tricky sandy/exposed parts. It's my first marathon so just want to be sure i'll be able to cope.

Also having issues finding a way to enter. The email address on RW was undeliverable. Any organisers for this on here?



  • I can't find anything either, but last year's results seemed to suggest it wasn't actually a marathon - just a half. Try Bungay instead - nearby, well organised and lots of info available.
  • Thanks for the - it does look good but we're away that weekend image
  • Running mate of mine did the full marathon last year. V. small event, only 30 pre-registered runners for the full marathon last year (most were running the 6 or 13 mile events).

    He said of the event "There were few marshals and no well wishers along the route, only walkers offering encouragement as you ran past them. You had to follow the red arrows along the course and there were twelve drink stations with a choice of water, orange or lemon and a digestive biscuit. The coastal section was extremely windy, and there were several sections where you ran on sand which was heavy going. For most of the race I was running alone. On completion of the race, no goody bag, just a small medal which said on it ‘Heritage coastal run/walk’ not even confirmation that I had just ran 26.2 miles! (the complete antithesis of a big city marathon)

    Good luck!

  • My partner did the marathon last year (and it was a full mara).

    It is VERY hard to find info about this, in the end I found more information on one of the sponsors' website, which was a brewery - but I can't remember which one now!

    I did the shorter run (something less than 10k), which is also part of the mara route, and parts of it are soft, loose sand and very hard going.  Other parts are along narrow, uneven paths.

    One thing I would totally recommend - the bacon rolls afterwards!  Best bacon I have ever, ever tasted. image

  • Oh, and regarding entry, you can enter on the day.
  • Have done this twice, very like the LDWA events but with a marked course.  Mixture of sand, trail etc in the first half, more road in the second half.  I was a DNF last year but that was due to jetlag, not because the course is difficult.  If the weather is bad it can be tough along the coast, but that's only for the first few miles.  I will probably be doing this again this year, it's a pleasant run on a nice day.  If you want a big event feel with lots of support, this one isn't for you!!
  • WooooooHoooooooooo!
  • Thinking of doing this ,Does any one know ,is the course clearly marked ? just thinking with so few entrants ,can you stray off the route ?
  • Never done it before but will be there!

  • Well I enjoyed the six but was so tempted to switch to the half!  Good organisation, the smell of bacon was almost irresistable!

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