Any other beginners blogging?

I started running in November, using "The Beginning Runner's Handbook". Given that it tells you to keep a log, and that I'm rubbish at remembering to write things down, and would probably lose it anyway, I started a blog:

 I was wondering if anyone else has done likewise? It would be good to keep up with how it's going for other beginners.

Or, if anyone wants to, but doesn't know how to get started with a blog, I'm happy to offer my (limited) experience in the field...


  • There are squillions of blogs - seems every other new runner starts one.

    I don't imagine that anyone would find the details of my training the slightest bit interesting, so I just keep a record of my runs (distance, time, route) in a spreadsheet.

    I would only be interested in another runner's training if I actually knew them, and only then if they were doing something out of the ordinary.

  • Started reading it - and enjoying it.

    Keep it up mate.image

  • Just read though your blog.  I find it interesting, as a fellow beginner, and you have a good way of writing to boot.

    I just clock my progress with my forerunner and upload it to the garmin website; I haven't such a good way with words to make it interesting to anyone else to be honest.  The only online mentions my running really gets is on here or the occasional facebook status update to say I've just run and feeling good/sh!t/pain.

     You have me interested in compression socks now as well.... I suffer from occasional shin splints as I see you have in the past.

  • Thanks for the comments - there may be squillions of blogs, but I' e only found a couple hence the question. I also get that a lot of people would have no interest, and that's fine too, to be honest I'm doing it as much for me as any other reason.

    Slowjoe and Evie May - thanks for your comments - one of the things I've found since starting to run is that my mind wanders while I'm on the move - sometimes it's truly tedious work things, but I try to remember what the heck it was for when I get back. Trying to fit in a photo or two, but my compact camera doesn't like the early morning darkness...
  • I don't know if I'm being really stupid, but I can't work out how to follow your blog - I can't seem to find the follow/subscribe link on your blog homepage? 

    I will check it out properly from home, I'm a fellow wordpresser image

  • I find it very difficult to follow otHer people's blogs too - will have a look when I get home and see if there's an obvious way...
  • xine267 wrote (see)

    I don't know if I'm being really stupid, but I can't work out how to follow your blog - I can't seem to find the follow/subscribe link on your blog homepage? 

    I will check it out properly from home, I'm a fellow wordpresser image

    I think it's at the top of the page towards the right hand side; from memory ewrlier today.
  • Had a quick look - if you're signed into Wordpress already, then there's a 'follow' button on the left of the  bar right at the top (it's not there on my iPad, which isn't signed into my account.

    On my iPad, there's the RSS update thing that's on the right near the top - that'll give you the feed address if you can figure RSS - it's a bit of a mystery to me...

    You could always old-fashioned bookmark it, though that doesn't tell you when there's a new post.

    I'll see if there's any other way - not aware of one, but that's not ideal, is it?

  • Sorted - in the Appearance/Widgets menu, there's a choice for a "Follow by e-mail box" - dragged that to the sidebar thingy and now there's a "follow by e-mail" button in the side menu.

     Result. It's a learning thing...

    Xine - what's your blog, I'd like to take a look...

  • Ahh, I found it! For some reason that link wouldn't display when I was viewing the page on my phone ... so much for a "smart"phone!

  • I do find Wordpress a bit user-unfriendly when it comes to adding widgets - they don't seem to follow the most logical option! I've PM'ed you with my link image 
  • PS. I love your Lego avatar. I was in Cardiff the other week and went to the Lego store the other week to make a mini-me image image
  • hey, I'm a new runner, and after reading 'the non runners guide o running a marathon' which is basically a chicks journal she's kept during her training, It reallt seemed her journal was a huge motivation to her........only problem is i've never so much as has a diary planner let alone a blog. started one this week as i've onl started training but not sure i'm using it to its best potential. looked at yours.....and now i'm sure i'm not using it to its bes potential......yours is a great read so far, really interesting. i think i'm now following you if i've done that correctly. If your ever bored and have the chance have a peek at my very shoddy work in progress

    looking forward to following your progress..........y someone would feel the need to comment on a thread about blogging to say how uninterested they are about it is quite frankly beyond me lol....i completely agree that it would be really helpful and interesting to keep up with other beginners.

  • Nice one K-Anne - I couldn't figure how to follow your blog, but I've bookmarked in my small by excellent "running blogs" list.

      I like your blog, it's very immediate and real, and it'sgrand to hear other folk going through the same things - solid legs and peculiar pains.

     I went back to the start of mine, and re-read it the other day - OK, it's only been a couple of months, but I thought "blimey, did I do all that?"... image

    Keep it up! 

  • Lol i think being able to do that in a couple of months time, to look over everything you've achieved, or even if your becoming demotivated, you'll definately get a boost from looking back at how far you've come image Well done you.
  • I blog and literally just started my running page today! I am a complete newbie! infact I'm kinda laughing at myself for even thinking I might get to be any good at the sport! but hey ho here we go! 

  • Hey Renee! Just checked out your page. Great start - I'm from the same pedigree of lifelong abhorrence of running. In November, got some shoes (planned to play badminton) and found we had a book on beginning to run. Two and a half months in, and I'm out three times a week, just entered my first 10k and in the ballot for the Great North Run. You can so do it, and keep up the blogging too!
  • Hey pursuedbyangrybees,

    Thanks, I've really only just started blogging again after becomming a bit befuddled at not being able to log into my previous one (that'll teach me for not blogging in ages)  I'm currently still fiddling about with it to try and get it to how i had it before! 

     Anyways, you're doing really really well! I can't even imagine entering a 10k run! Infact even the thought makes me want to get into my comfy-set jammies and hibernate! haha. but I'm sure all goals are relative and by the time i've been running about for a few weeks I'm sure the idea of setting out to do a certian distance wont be so horrifying?! image

  • Ive started one. Mine can be found at:

    And Renee, go on enter one you know you want to really lol image


  • Hi Dave - just read your blog - looking good! I've re-started my Blogger account so I can sign up with you marvellous Blogger folk, though it may appear I'm called "Venn Diagram" for the time being - worry not, it should sort itself out.

    Are you sure you're not me? You sound quite like me, other than having a one-year-younger advantage. Maybe you're the me I would have been if I'd started this a year ago - c'mon me, you're doing fine!

  • Hi all,

    Will make sure I check out all your blogs. Will you allow me to recommend a couple too. There's mine (obviously) which is and there is which is the inspiration behind mine, written by a lady called Kathy. It's brilliant, although frustrating when she doesn't post for a while.

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