London Bike Show, Excel 12-15 Jan



  • So...... was it any better at the weekend...... when I was there there was very little for actual sale and you were constantly being directed to websites........ and it was a lot smaller  than I thought it would be.

  • according to the people on stands it was much busier on Saturday and to us it did get crowded at times. but more general public at the w/e - Thur/Fri were more the industry types.

    I wasn't bothered by buying anything, just there for the bling and see what's what and check a few ideas out for a MTB bike build I'm working on.

    have to say I didn't think it was as good as when it was an independent show at Earl's Court

    bumped into OC and Shufflebunny on Sat which was good from a different perspective! OC - I'll PM you some time soon
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