Trainig for the Viking Way Ultra

Still not sure how best to tackle this monster. 

I have done a 100 mile event and have another lined up, but this event has a number of aggravating features e.g distance, time limit.  It is not a flat course like the GUCR either.   

I have looked at training programs for 150 mile events such as Badwater and GUCR, and there seems to be little consistency on structure. 

Any suggestions welcome.


  • Get out and put lots of miles in your legs. Lots and lots of walking is always very good training.

     I would always sugest getting into the hills even if a perspective race is considered flat.

    Re: the GUCR I found the fact that on the whole it was flat harder, at least if there are hills thrown in it gives specific leg muscles a much needed rest rather than pounding the same set continously.

    Basically the reason that there are few training progs is that you have to draw on your own experience and work a plan that suits you. It is very individual..

  • Thanks for the advice Bret. 

    I am very fortunate to have a lot of good hills on my doorstep, and do a lot of hill running.  I have never really thought about working walking into my training program though.  My job involves standing all day, which likely works to my advantage in these events. 

    I can well believe that the flat course of the GUCR is an aggravating factor.  I hurt more the day after the Thames Trot than the day after the Comrades up run!

  • Hey Ben. Will see you out there on the Viking way. I am crewing not running.

    I think miles in your legs is important but with the kind of miles you will be wanting to put in your legs you should try and make it fit in around your life rather than the other way round. 

     I have a running commute which is only 5 miles each day but two five mile runs a day and some stuff at the weekend is enough for me. Miles are miles. You just need to make running your "normal" mode of transport.

  • Using running to commute is not a problem James. 

    I am poor anyway. 

  • I thought the Viking way race didn't allow crews?
  • That has been my finding. 

    In the end I gave up, and just built the training plan around myself!

  • i thought that too Lirich... I have a friend running it and would really love to crew/pace him through the last 30...
  • It's official - I'm now in this race.
    Just need to shake off the cobwebs from The Spine and get back into some good solid running.
    Looking forward to it as it's relatively local - better do a recce I guess.
    Not sure how to do the logistics of transport - wife is away that weekend and I don't really want to leave a car in Hull. Train doesn't help much - from what I gather drop bag includes anything left over from overnight.

    See you there, Ben!
  • What an awesome looking race and nice to see an event in Lincolnshire, bit above my current standard but as the long straight along the high dyke at 100 miles is on my back doorstep and a regular training run of mine it seemed rude not to offer my services! Best of luck to all running and I'll see you on the course!
  • Rich1

    Welcome to the Viking crew. 

    Any observations that you have to offer on the nature of the route would be of interest, since I can't get down there to reconnoiter it. 

  • Thanks Ben
    Don't really know the Viking Way much but will be gently undulating I imagine. Planning a few runs so will let you know!
  • This time next week....
  • This is going to be brutal!

  • And that's if all is going well!!
  • In some ways I envy you guys, but in others I really don't! Oh well, see you all at the Welingore/ 100 mile CP image
  • Roger

    If I pull this off, then you have no excuse next year! 

    I really don't bring anything to the table as an ultra runner, except a pugnacious attitude, and the fact that I am too stupid to know when I am beaten. 

  • That turned out to be a bit of a meat grinder!

    I think it is safe to call it the toughest single stage race in the UK.

  • Agree with Ben!!
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