where to run?

Hi, I live in London and usually run on the sidewalk which I've read is very bad on the knees- I feel it in my back. The treadmile is boring... anyone know of any tracks in the SE1 area? I may also go to the parks in future.


  • I'm no-where near London, so I can't help with locations, but what type of "sidewalk" do you run on? Concrete slabs or cobbles are really hard on the legs - just like running on solid rock. Tarmac (or asphalt) does at least have a little "give" in it, so it's not quite so bad.

    Parks are ideal, but be careful after dark.
  • Hi Andie,

    I'm also out of the London area but if by tracks you mean athletics tracks you could run on take a look at ...


    ... which has a directory of UK running tracks.

    Road running does give your legs a bit of a bashing compared to off-road running but if you're repeatedly getting problems with your legs and so on it might be worth taking a look at your running shoes and making sure they're in good nick and suited to your gait - i.e. whether you pronate etc. Or maybe speaking to a physio?

    There must be an article on the RW site about this sort of stuff. If not, drop me a line and I'll root out some info for you.


  • It might be a good idea to drive out of London at the weekend to run in the hills. That way there wil beless pollution
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