Newham Classic 10K 2012

As we enter an exciting year of 2012, TSFA is pleased to announce 4th edition of Newham Classic 10K Run. Entry is open now for Newham Classic 10K Run 2012 which will be held on 15th April. Mark the date in your calendar and start running today. If getting fit and healthy is one of your new year's resolution then Newham Classic 10K run is the perfect event for you.

Newham Classic 10K ® is aimed to be known as the most eye catching enjoyable 10k run in the UK. It provide a healthy pathway to an energetic young and old population of east London.

Newham Classic 10K is a celebration of freedom, convergence of multicultural communities and joining up of minds and bodies for numerous social causes with a single notion of raising charity awareness through running.

Run for cause, Run for love, Run for friends, Run for London, Run for fun, Run for your dreams, Run for performance, Run for England, Run for your team, Run for your star, Run for your charity, Run for Cancer awareness, Run for peace, Run for solidarity, need any more reasons to run? Register today at Last date of entry is 15th Feb 2012


  • hello. does the route go through the olympic park at all?
  • Looks interesting but does the entry price include a t-shirt or is it an extra £15 as the event page is a bit confusing?

    Seems a pretty high price for a 10k race although as you're only down the road, I'm tempted to come along just to shake Fauja Singh's hand and congratulate him on his achievements!
  • Entry Price includes BIB, CHIP, Finisher's T-shirt, Medal with year in-scripted, Goodie Bag, Race Guide.

    Official T-shirt is optional to buy
  • What's a BIB?
  • Signed up for this - really looking forward to it. Getting to run in my home town!
  • So have I Matt, it will be great to race around the area I have spent so much time training in.
  • @Thermogenesis I moved out of the area a good few years ago but still looking forward to it!
  • Anyone else doing this?
  • I am in and hoping to recover some form from last year since my first born arrived in December....usually prepping for a spring marathon at this stage of the calendar and the first time in 4 years..but the little one has meant scaling back on spare time for training.... just got to get the 10k legs back and running....image

    also nice to have a 'local' event to enter...well local to E17....

  • 3 weeks to go - everyones training going ok?

     Not done this before - any advise on parking on the day?

  • Stratford Centre E15 1AZ has 500 car parking space. Westfield at Stratford has 5000 car parking space.
    Side roads around west ham park have pay parking bays
  • A better option would be to arrive on the tube. West Ham park is only 5-10 min walk from Plaistow Tube station.
  • this is one of those feel good factor races - i've done 'em all since the 1st one lauched at the back of the Showcase Cinema.  someone asked if this takes in the Olympic Park - in previous years the race took you up to the basin of the stadium, i must admit the route got a little narrow and precarious and i paid more attention to my footfall over the emerging stadium.  that said the workmen on site were full of support and encouragement - it's the one time you'd welcome litany from the builders, aye!

    i found the route well thought out (if it takes in the Olympic Park this year, it will be less work-site than in previous years), and marshalled. 

    other points: in previous years, there was entry on the day - check the website if the same is happening this year. do not mistake STRATFORD park for WEST HAM park, there is planned engineering works on the District Line and road closures for those coming by bus or car.

    be sure to say hello to Tessa Sanderson MBE and Sharon Davies CBE, who will gladly shake your hand and pose for pictures - true ambassadors for UK sports.

    happy racing!

  • Cheers for the info Legs!
  • I'm in for this. 

     I'm aiming for 37 mins.  Thankfully only a few stops on the London Overground for me. 

  • Just done the Reading Hlaf so am all set for this now - will be going for a PB!
  • any news when packs are arriving?? weird doing a 10k when have been in marathon mode for past 4 years at this time of year, but becoming a father recently means I'm allowed to prep for shorter distance only....will be good to get race pins on again...image 


  • Race Pack has been sent to your postal address. If you do not receive in time then you can come on the race day to Baggage Counter area to get new number so you wont miss the run. Route map: Its fast, flat and traffic free route . Highly suitable to set new PB
  • Many thanks-arrived and during easter weekend...posties are working OT in E17....
  • I'm visiting from New York and would love to be able to participate in this race! Any chance me and 2 of my friends can still register?!?!?  Any information you can provide is GREATLY appreciated!!!
  • Let me emphasis my previous message:  WOULD LOVE TO PARTICIPATEimage
  • FANTASTIC!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!  I'M SO APPRECIATIVE!!  Just registered!!!  ...and sent to my friends to register ASAP!!  Cannot thank you enough and REALLY looking forward to this!!!  image

  • Might as well be the first to ask... did anyone else think the course was a bit short today?? I was pacing myself with my watch (which unfortunately doesn't have GPS) and I thought the gap between 7 and 8 seemed a bit short so I nabbed someone at the end with a Garmin who measured it as 6 miles exactly.

    Managed to beat my PB by 30 seconds which was nice as I wasn't really racing for a PB but am a bit gutted if I got all excited for no reason! image
  • Sonic, I think a few of us were thinking the same. Good run none the less. Be nice to get official word on how the measurement was ratified...I also pb'd by 2 secs but was way off my best as had bronchial problems all week and was not going at full blast today. Good event aside from distance issues which I hope can be clarified!
  • Great event but I also think it was a bit short. Somewhere between 6 and 8 km there was a bit missing. Based on the pace I was doing I reckon it was about 300m short.
  • Thought it was ok. I mean there should not be an issue with distance in these races. You've to get it right otherwise the event become a bit of a joke. My garmin clocked at 9.6km and there were a lot of annoyed faces at the end and rightly so.

     I did the Brighton Half in February and that was too long and they had to restate everyones time.

    Based on the distance mess up I would not do this event again.

  • Quite right, I heard with Brighton that it was an additional .5m which rightly peeved a lot of runners off. If charging for chip timing at least get distance right..
  • Also as uka certified race they must have the correct distance ad by jones measurement to be awarded the uka race status? Can anyone confirm that?
  • Hi everyone, I was running with a Garmin and so were several friends we reckon the total distance was 9.6 km ~400 meters short. Which is a real shame as I was having a good race. I think it went went after 6 Km, as my Garmin was in inline until the 7 Km mark.  Looking at the Map I reckon there got the green way part wrong, I think it should have gone all the way to Startford high street.
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