Hi everyone,

 I am in need of a place for the edinburgh marathon on the 27th may 2012, I was slow in registering and have now missed the deadline.

 I anyone has a place that they would be willing to transfer i would be greatful. If there are any places going please contact me: n.mitchell88@hotmail.co.uk

I also have 3 friends who are also looking for places too.




  • Nick
    The EMF website still accepting entries

  • Hi,

    The general entry one is closed and i dont think i will be able to raise the required funds for the charity places.


  • Hi I have a place on the Edinburgh marathon that I am looking to sell as I want to downgrade to the half! Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.


  • Hi Kate - do you still have the place available?
  • Afraid not - transferred it already. Sorry - good luck

  • Hi all, just to let people know that I have a spare officially transferable Edinburgh Marathon place for 27th May if anyone is interested as I am doing the London Marathon now for Children In Crisis. If you would like the place email cicgav@gmail.com. Many Thanks.
  • I have a place if anyone is interested..I've done graded to the 10k!
  • I've got a place in the full marathon if anyone's still looking. Goddamn plantar fasciitis....image

  • Hi Martin / ET7 - I would very much like to take one of your places for the edinburgh marathon. Obviously happy to pay all costs and transfer fee. Let me know at rufushack@hotmail.com if this works and how you would like me to transfer the cash!


  • If any of these places are still available, please message me. Thanks.
  • Hello, I have a place available due to an injury I picked up about 6 weeks ago which has now set my training too far back for me to enter.

    Just let me know if you still want this



  • Just a quick note to say my place is going to Rufus. Good luck y'all, I'll see some of youse at the Glasgow Mens 10k instead!
  • Hiya,

    I would love to have a place for the standard entry marathon if anyone has a place going. I will transfer the costs to you. (decided i want to step it up a gear and complete the full marathon instead of the half!).



  • Hi Rachel
    I have a place available if you are still looking, drop me an email on amy9015@hotmail.co.uk
  • Hi all.

    Have trained long and hard all winter and raised over £1000 for childrenwithcancer.co.uk (not an affiliated charity to the Edinburgh marathon for some reason.

    Due to a change of work plans beyond my control I have had to withdraw from London.

    Edinburgh would be a perfect solution to my problem 

    I am desperate not to let anyone down, so if anyone still has a place available please could they contact me at /forum/smilies/confused_smiley.gif[/img]imon.farrelly@btinternet.co.uk]simon.farrelly@btinternet.co.uk. I will incur any costs involved.



  • Hi Simon I have a place available for transfer, the link you gave didn't work but you can email me on amy9015@hotmail.co.uk and we can get it sorted!
  • Thanks Amy.

    Will email you now.

  • Hi all,

     If anyone has a place for transfer I would be very grateful, Im desperate to enter!!

     Obviously would pay all relevant fees.


  • Hey,

     I'm desperate for place in the full marathon. Happy to pay all transfer fees etc


  • Myself and 2 others may have places to transfer................  ilness and missed training to fault... under discussion at the minute but will update in the next few days if available
  • Okay, 3 Edinburgh Marathon places available for transfer,  orig cost was £48 each I think and it is £10 to transfer.

    message me if you are interested.

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