Celebrities running Virgin 2012

Bit of a weird question but does anyone know what celebrities are due to run the London 2012 marathon?


  • I neither know nor care.
  • Lol neither do I but one of my friends thats spectating asked!
  • I think that VLM do a press pack before the race. So "your friend" image will just have to wait.

    Cheers, Ant
  • Thank god for that i'll let me "friend" know!  But in all seriousness, my girlfriend wants to be celeb spotting I think rather than seeing me wheeze passed lol
  • Nell McAndrew, Always Aching, Minni, Old 4 Speed, quite a few on the celebrity start this year. image
  • Probably Jordan, she always seems to get in and attempts it with 2 weeks training!
  • I know I'm sad but i 've been watching Dancing on Ice and they said that Sam ( other half of Sam and Mark kids presenters that found fame from pop idol ) who is on DOI is running the London Marathon

    I quite like him actually and he's brave to not only be putting training in for VLM but hats off to him training on the ice, can u imagine if he injures himself eek!!!

    Not heard of any other runners, when i went to watch it one year, Frank Bruno was running it and i saw him quite a few times!!
  • I'm running....LOL
  • gordon doesn't really run anymore tho if we're being honest
  • will Young Jonathan pearce loads of Emmerdale actors Arg from towie Kyle from corrie Gordon Ramsy are a few that are running,

  • Good luck trying to pick celebs out of 35000 other runners! Unless they run along waving to the crowd and trying to be noticed. It would be nice if some amazing athlete (but not a runner) like Lance Armstrong was running at a similar pace as me so that I might find myself running near them (just in front of them preferably. I'm running from the fast GFA this year, so I won't have a chance to abuse any celebs as I squeeze past them walking 4 abreast at the green start.
  • whoop I got a green start so hopefully will get the chance to have a few words with Ed Balls
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I was at green start a few years ago and had to be told who the "celebs" were and then have it explained why they were slebs.....
    Unfortunately, I'm not running this year but will be at mile 17 for autographs should anyone want one image
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've just seen: clinky so you can get a full list. Some "usaul" suspects (Nell McAndrew, Gordon Ramsey) but Jordan and the one from TOWIE?
  • i notice alex reid is running as well!!!!!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I'm seriously hoping that i'm faster than both him and his adorable(!) ex wife.

    I've also seen on Facebook that James Cracknell will be running it as well.

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