Runnersworld Subscription Gift

Does anyone know how long it takes for the subscription gift to arrive?  I subscribed some time ago and was due to get the gloves/hat but nothing has arrived yet. Thanks.


  • Hi, I was suckered into the same deal and haven't got mine yet either..

  • So doesn't sound like mine is lost then.
  • Hi JayK and slowerthan,

    So sorry to hear you haven't received your gifts. Drop me a line at alice (dot) palmer (at) natmag-rodale (dot) co (dot) uk and I'll chase this up with our subscriptions team.



  • It always take while with them. When I took 3 issues for £3 offer it would be 2 months before they would start, it may be so in your case.

  • Thanks Alice, have emailed you.
  • A new one is being sent out, thanks for your help Alice.
  • Well I've given up, not recieved the replacement they've apparently sent either.

    Have learnt my lesson image

  • You probably won't get a hat and gloves now I'm afraid as I've had the same problem. I started a 12 month subscription 3 months ago, a month ago I was told I'd have the hat and gloves in 14-28 days but this morning I received a hydration belt with a note saying the hat and gloves are now unavailable (and a polite note telling me they can change the gift as and when they wish as stated in the smallprint). Bit of a bugger seeing as I already own a hydration backpack with bladder, guess I can give the hydration belt away as a birthday present to someone else, very disappointing...
  • Had a similar issue a few years ago when I subscribed and was suppose to get a watch, it took a ages for it to arrive. When they have your money they don't seem to bothered to send your free gift.

  • Just to update this, I had a letter stating they had no more hat/gloves and I'd be getting the Camelbak instead.

    This duly arrived this morning.

  • Miffed to find myself waiting for a free watch from when my sub was renewed for Christmas. My wife contacted them about it and they said they were sending out another, but no sign of that one either!

  • I took out another subscription this year and again no gift!

  • I subscribed in Febuary and payment wass taken from my account on 26th #feb, I am expecting to receive the Camelbak through the post, but still not received anything.

  • They seem to have a terrible track record in this area.  I subscribed 4 months ago and have received nothing.  I called and they said another would be sent out.  Still nothing.

    The subscription gifts seem a complete scam that you may only receive something (and probably not what you responded to) if you are prepared to repeatedly phone and chase for.


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