Does it have to have PINK!

Dear manufacturers,

I really wish that you would not assume that all women like their running kit to have pink on it somewhere.....
It has become more of a challenge to find nice blue or red womens running kit than it has to buy a new pair of trainers. Mind you, even they are turning up in bright pink these days.
We are not all pink lovers and do not always want to look like a ball of candy floss.
Many thanks


  • I agree!

    I don't mind pink, I have a few pink items, but I would like to have more choice.

  • Curly45Curly45 ✭✭✭
    Ninja black is the way forward image
  • Curly45 wrote (see)
    Ninja black is the way forward image

    I agree image 

    Went for a run with my mum at the weekend and she said she felt like Madonna with a bodyguard running beside her image

  • LOL xine267
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @xine267 - Lol!

    I've managed to avoid pink clothing... there's plenty of other colours out there to choose from. Normally I choose black but my current choices have been bright blue (adidas climacool tank), orange, white etc.

    There is obviously some pink... but i've not seen so much in the stores.

  • I found it worse when I was looking for boxing gloves, everything designed for women on the high street was pink, pink or pink!

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    Yeah, I agree! Although I love pink, I certainly don't want all my outfits to be pink! It is like the gender stereotype that baby boys' clothes come in blue and baby girls' come in pink...
  • Another vote for Ninja black - always feel like a "real" athlete running in black. It's slimming too.

    I wear my OH's running tops to avoid the whole pink thing.

  • I bought this bag and since then my friends told me like "at least you not in black" image)))
  • I like pink but apart from a hi viz pink jacket my running wardrobe is pinkless!!! Not planned I just buy stuff in sales and haven't really found pink stuff image

    Eta just remembered that my trail shoes have a bit of pink on them, not that you can see it now they are caked in mud!!!!!
  • THe Galsgow wimmin's 10k is also described as the "sea of pink!"- trying to find anything else to wear can be pain, but the online stores seems to have a better range than shops. There was someone on the forums recently who'd rejected the best fit of shoes 'cos they were pink, - yes I've been there too with that one!
  • Hi Runnerbeen, I have to say that there are a few colours in women's shoes and clothing that I wish they made for us guys. The ladies version of Ghost 3s are really nice. Also I like to wear white when running and a lot of guys stuff is coloured in bold blues, reds or blacks.

    So, in a way I sympathise with you that you do not like some of the colours your gear comes in because neither do I, but I wonder if you may find a greater selection of women's colours or even some of the guys stuff more suitable.

    Good luck in your search.
  • Agreed. I loathe pink and don't much like purple either. Keep looking (mainly in vain) for running stuff in decent green or blue or yellow. And preferably not pastels. Not much luck. Too small to use men's stuff for most things, unfortunately.

    But I was commenting on this in a running shop and the store owner said there were lots of women who would only buy it (jacket, shoes, tights, whatever) if it was pink.

  • Had this problem recently when I could only get my replacement shoes in pink rather than the black of the old model.  When I made a comment to the lady in the shop about them being pink and my aversion to the colour she tried very hard to convince me they were red.  These things are so blatantly pink I would have refused to put them on my daughters!  Unfortunately if I want to run in my shoe of choice though, I have to wear the pink ones. 
  • What about Nike ID or Adidas Create Your Own, it would only deal with the shoe colour issue but as usual, there is a premium.
  • For the last year at least, the only options to pink seem to be light blue. I have no idea why people think women like to dress up in baby colours. Perhaps we do. What is particularly strange is that the running clothes keep appearing in those colours, completely ignoring the colours that come and go in fashion. I was hoping to find a top in one of those wine red colours that were popular in the autumn, but that trend never seemed to reach sportswear (not that I follow trends, but when there is a good one I like using the opportunity).

    I also tend to avoid white clothes (They look nice, but I always end up with permanent stains on them). I do like a little colour, and hate running in all black. Cannot describe why.

    So I've made some attempts to find clothes that makes me feel I am still me.

    The new Gore range comes in proper red and blue. I am happy about this, as I like their tops but couldn't cope with the pink and turquoise last year. Sweaty Bettty do vests in all different colours including reds and a dark blues (have not tried them yet, but will probably do in the summer). Some of the outdoor brands will occasionally do some nice, rich colours. I've seen some Smartwool shirts in a deep, lovely red called lush. I have not seen any of their thinner tees in that colour yet, but if I do I will buy it.

    When it comes to shoes, I have given in. Much more important to get the right shoe. If ever the right shoe is pink I will consider spray paint.
  • Totally agree - I am always drawn to the mens side of running store - they get great oranges, reds and wicked greens.

    Pink - bleughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. There is not a scrap of it in wardrobe at all anywhere. Most of my stuff is black but have found some nice blue and orange items.

    I've got a purple convertable jackets and co-ordinating top that I like. Not a bright purple more wine/berry colour so pretty nice. Or is it my age ... 'when I get old I shall wear purple'?!image

  • Totally agree - waaaay too much pink! Also hate white, because I worry I'll end up looking like a wet T-shirt contest when I get sweaty.

    I've ended up with mostly black 'bottoms', and mainly blue tops. However I was given a LOVELY bright purple top for Christmas. Proper purple - which I LOVE and have been wearing on as many runs as possible! EmmaC - I think I must also be of that age! (love that poem)

  • Black and Tabby - I have to admit that I love my purple jacket and matching top! Here's to women of more sophisticated years running!

    I have also got a bright yellow thermal top that I tried on on Monday - fabulous as I didn't have to wear a reflective vest! They did it in white with pink trim -not me. I always think white highlights lumps and bumps!

  • Agree with everything said so far! I think the whole pink thing is just so culturally embedded now -  and not just on sports kit - it's difficult to avoid at any age.

    As Debra said - retailers know women buy it. It would soon stop if most ladies rejected it and stuff didn't sell - therefore we have to assume us 'ninja black' crew are in the minority image 

    I do tend to only buy in Sales tho' - why pay £35 for a good brand top when you can get it for £9 at the end of the season - so I have a few compromises (one pale blue and one 'coral' spring to mind), but I actively avoid buying 'proper' pink stuff.

    As for shoes - I'm with the 'if the fit is right, buy them' view. A few miles along the canal towpath on a rainy day and they could be any colour! 

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