Talkback: Races of the Year 2011: Beginners

He he... the Ashtead 10k is actually surprisingly hilly - 'undulating' probably describes it best. It will take place on 23 September 2012. It's a local race.... for locals people! (nods to League of Gentlemen..)

In 2010 the Ashtead 10k wasn't so welcoming for beginners (or anyone) due to the massed hornet attack on the runners.... although a number of participants did register an adrenaline-fuelled PB.


  • Despite some controversial reviews, I found the British London 10k (ran it in 2011) to be good for a beginner (which I was). Central london scenery, flat course, and it being quite busy meant a slow paced start which helped me pace myself.
  • I agree with you Kiki, if you mean the BUPA 10K?

     It was my first 10k run I did in 2010 and found it incredibly beginner friendly because it was so flat and the support was great.

  • Bupa 10K and British 10k are different races, one is in May the other in July
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