recommend a dish ...

Just need some ideas on what to consume this arvo evening before a long run in the morning .... got penciled in in my mind a new distance record for me of 20 miles ... thus far got to 17 miles but ran out of fuel !

Ideas recommendations welcome


  • Anything you fancy really but try not to have anything too rich or fatty. You might need to take some food with you, personally I have bananas or dates but lots of people rely on gels and things.
  • I usually have pasta the night before a long run, and porridge in the morning.

    Good old fashioned running fuel image

  • Same as Wilkie, pasta for dinner and porridge for breakfast.

    Are you taking anything out with you when you run? Perhaps try sports drink/ gel/ dried fruit / jelly babies when you are doing the longer distances.

  • Same as Wilkie. I do a very basic tomato sauce for the pasta and mix in some quorn chunks. I'm not a veggie, but I just found that it works pretty well with the quorn.
  • vindaloo, bombay potatoes and a garlic naan.. couple of pints of cobra and you're ready for anything
  • Wilkie - Scotch porridge oats? image

    Dave - That sounds lovely...Coming from Bradford I know all about Curry's and especially cobra! Beautiful stuff.

  • TimeaJTimeaJ ✭✭✭
    I am a big fan of pasta the night before and porridge on the day with some banana and honey. I also like Jacket potato for dinner with tuna-mayo-sweetcorn filling. And lots of fluid. No or very little alcohol. A good amount of sleep.
  • race day... 3 slices of toast, 3 weetabix

    7am sunday run (12-16miles) just 3 weetabix and a hot water

     general fuelling, cut out pasta a few months back, and now it's all rice, veg and fruit...fruit after running rather than before..have long sicne learnt my lesson!

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