Bent & Bongs 10k Trail Race

A brand new race for 2012 hosted by Astley & Tyldesley Road Runners

 The course takes in the trails around Astley, Tyldesley, Hindsford, Atherton
and Howe Bridge, well used tracks which are frequented regularly by walkers, horse riders and cyclists and runners! Come and join us and enjoy a run around the area and enjoy these great trails!

 All finishers get a Bent & Bongs 10k sports drinking bottle.

 Enter online at Runners World 


  • Entries coming in for this event.
  • yes loads of beginners already registered.
  • Hi, this would be my first ever race & first attempt at running 10k - do u think it would be suitable? (I'd be running it very slowly).
  • Sarah - Ideal for all abilities and newbies.  Lots of encouraging marshals and very friendly supporters.


  • SLL - I'm an experienced runner and also run very very slowly! I know there are a few other people using this race as their first 10K and will be running a bit/walking a bit.

    It will be a great race for beginners, the marshalls and local clubs are really supportive of everyone who is out there having a go! You won't be on your own - chances are i'll be behind you!

  • Thanks for the replies, very reassuring ploddinglady, thanks. Half the battle is getting over the nerves of entering a race for the first time never mind the race itself! Im definately going to give it a go though & will submit my entry this weekend image
  • You'll be fine SLL - once you've done one race you'll love it!

     I do loads of races, am always near the back but that's where you get the biggest cheers! image

  • Ploddinglady- iv just seen that your very slow is 10 min/miles - that's fast to me & I'm nowhere near that speed! I've got 2 months to speed up & get up to that distance so better get started tomorrow x
  • nah, i'm more like 11min miling now and I will definately end up walking some of it...I know  there are some women from a local running club who have never raced before and do 13/14min miling. I think they are also using this race as a first challenge.

    Honestly, you'll be fine and you'll love it!

  • Thanks, that's reassuring to know. I just run on my own, as & when the kids allow me the time so it will be nice to run in company & test myself a bit as I tend to get into a comfortable pace on my own & forget to push myself. Thanks again for the encouragement image
  • Ploddinglady - thanks for your entry.

    SLL did you send in your entry?

    I'm expecting the race to be a record entry!


  • GS2 - I haven't yet, I did read through the entry form but was a bit confused (not unusual for me), I'm trying to pursuade 2 friends to enter with me so we can be a team but on the form I couldn't see anywhere to indicate we would be entering as a team. As its the first time ill have entered a race it's also the first time iv filled out one of the entry forms & was a bit worried about getting it wrong. To be a team do we all have to enter together or could I submit mine now & let them do theirs later?
  • Did the Bent and Bongs Beer Festival, which was amazing so might give the trail run a go. Do you get any beer at the end? image
  • Plenty of beer in the club house .. and cheaper than pub prices.
  • Or should I email you direct with my queries Gary?
  • SLL - You cannot enter as a team unless you're a affiliated club but for fun i can put you down as a team on the results sheet.

     In this case you would be better to complete 3 entry forms and put them in the same envelope with a cheque and state your team name.

     If you do it online just let me know the names of the people in your team.


  • GS2 - Oh ok, I didn't realise that. I'll leave it then & just send my entry in & see if I can persuade the others to do the same later. I was a bit nervous about turning up on my own & not knowing anyone but I guess I should just get on with it!
  • SLL - The running community are very friendly people and everyone is made to feel welcome.

     You'll love it!

  • Runners world online entries close over the next couple of days.



  • Entries available on the day from 9am in the club house.
  • Hi, I took part in this today (my first race of any distance), found everyone to be really friendly & encouraging, so thanks x. Does anyone know where I can find the online results?
  • Glad you enjoyed the event.

    The results are here

  • Just to chip in my ten pence: I had a blast. My first competitive 10k, I'd run this route on a more regular basis if it were available. Excellent organisation, everyone was really friendly too.
  • Thanks for the positive comments.

    Our next race is on Sunday 7th October "Gin Pit 5"

    Will be online here in the next few days.

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